FTG-I3200-60F DTF/FTG Fluorescent

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Binterjet FTG/DTF-I3200-60 Fluorescent Printer (New)

Unleash Your Imagination. FTG Direct ( Film To Garment) with Fluorescent Inks

Direct to Garment printing will never be the same. Finally a production “Texfuse” process that brings your ideas to customer in minutes rather than hours. No matter what you want to create, we’ve got everything you need to get it done.

What is Film to Garment direct printing?

Film to Garment printing, or DTF, is a new technology that allows users to print designs onto special films. These films are then transferred onto a garment of choice using an adhesive and can last long. Similar to most heat transfer processes, a quality printer and heat press are necessary for maximizing this process.

What is the “Texfuse” process like?

Print – Print your design on our specialized film and FTG printer. It will print the colors first, then a white top layer that serves as the base layer on the shirt.

Apply – Apply the powder adhesive evenly onto the printed film with our FTG Fixation-Fuser unit.

Bake – Melt the adhesive to the film using our FTG Fixation-Fuser.

Press – Press your design onto a substrate like a t-shirt. Applicable on cotton, polyester materials.

Model Specifications

Printhead Type

Micro piezo Epson printhead I3200F (3 Heads)



FTG Pigment

Color (9 Colors)

C M Y K + W W W W + R B FLy FLm

FTG Fluorescent Inks 

Red, Blue, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Magenta.


1.5 L (1500 ml)

White Ink Supply

Automatic Circulation Supply System

Rip Software

Wasatch (Subscription Plan)

Nusign-FTG Rip

Printing Quality

Three VSD variable point technologies




162 sq ft / hour

Printer Info

Operation Voltage

FTG Printer 110V 10amp 50/60Hz Printer

FTG Fuser/Dryer unit 220V 20 amp single phase


Print System: 200W

Heating System: Front & Back 300W

Working Environment

Temperature: 68-95°F ; Humidity: 35%-65%

Heating System

Front / Back Heating with Separated Control System


Max Width

24 inches


1.5mm – 6mm (Adjustable)

Max Roll Weight



Automatic paper delivery system motor

Special Materials

– FTG PET Film

Dimensions – Printer


70.3in (L) x 31.1in (W) x 63.5in (H)


74.8in (L) x 39.4in (W) x 29.9in (H)

Dimensions – Dryer


82.7in (L) x 49.2in (W) x 59.1in (H)


72.8in (L) x 53.1in (W) x 63in (H)



352.74lbs (Printer) / 551.2lbs (Dryer)


440.9lbs (Printer) / 661.4lbs (Dryer)


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