Caldera GrandRIP+


GrandRip+ is a fast, flexible and powerful production workflow dedicated to wide and extra-wide format Print and Print-to-Cut applications.

GrandRip+ is a productive driving force for grand format printers: Nur, Durst, Leggett  & Platt/Spuhl, HP/Scitex Vision, Vutek, IP&I, Teckwin, Gandinnovations,Grapo, Lüscher, Matan, Keundo, DGI, Seaband and Zünd.

Our solution proposes the latest developments in terms of colour management, spot colour support, screening techniques and unique finishing oriented features such as tiling, nesting, eyelets positioning, stitching and folding marks.

GrandRip+ was awarded DPI/SGIA “Best Product of the Year” during SGIA 2006.


  • Tiling – Split up documents in various strips for big format jobs.
  • SignMark – Place marks on the tiles, add eyelets, stitch, fold or and place margin mark.
  • Layout & Compose – Merge, nest, stitch, rotate and combine different file formats with manual or numeric positioning.
  • GrandRip+ also includes Spot colours, RIP PS/PDF, ICC support, Task Automation, Super Spooler, Layout with Compose, Tiling, SignMark, Raster Image Retouching, Raster File-to-Print, Fotoba Digitrim and White Ink features.

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