HP Latex 315 | 54″ Print and Cut Solution


Speed Up Your Printing Workload

If you’re still using manual cutting for your prints, you’re leagues behind the competition. It’s all about automating the process for fast and precise outputs. When it comes to automatic printing and cutting, look no further than the H.P. Latex 315 print and cut solution.

  • A Perfect Fit Every Time – Using H.P.’s software, you may set cutting points for every graphic you create. The application sends these instructions to your machines. All you need to do is print the images and feed them through the optical positioning system (OPOS)-powered cutter to get pin-point accurate incisions every time.
  • Stay Productive – The Latex 315 solution’s solvent dries right away. No degassing required. You may proceed with cutting immediately and finish your workload ahead of time.
  • Print and Cut With Ease – H.P.’s Signage Suite software allows you to create graphics for stickers, posters, wall and window coverings, banners, t-shirt designs, magnets, and more!

Just import your files into the software and configure its printing settings and cutting points. Starting from scratch? That’s no problem, too. The app has tons of templates and premade graphics to choose from. Drag, drop, resize, print, and cut to your heart’s content.

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