Fredrix Canvas Texturing Gel (1qt)


A vast majority of prints are sold without any additional enhancements or texturizing. However, some publishers and artists add our clear Fredrix® Texture Gel and use acrylic or oil paints to enhance or highlight their prints. Through the use of different application techniques or by doing multiple coats you can vary the amount of texture and effect.

Tips & Techniques

NOTE: Most Inkjet prints on canvas must be top-coated before embellishing. *Exceptions to this rule include prints on our Fredrix®901WR & 575WRwater resistant inkjet canvases.

Brushing: This the most common approach to applying Fredrix® Texture Gel. You can simply follow the lines of the print or strategically add acrylic or oil colors to enhance the image and create a 3-D affect.

Sponging: Similar to the Brush affect, but typically faster and more random in appearance.

Rolling: Applying Fredrix® Texture Gel with a roller results in a very quick and uniform 3-D affect.

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