Sooper Ace Grommet Machine


The Sooper Ace Grommet Press Machine is a topnotch Grommeting Tool that is made of heavy-duty cast iron. Despite its sturdy build-quality, it retains its portability. This grommet machine is easy to use and comes standard with a #2 die, but other dies are available to suit your preference. The product ships in a beautiful silver vein powder-coated finish.

The Sooper Ace Grommet Press Machine also comes with the following features.

  • This unit is hand-operated
  • It can cut a hole while setting a grommet simultaneously
  • It has a heavy and solid handle. This leverage helps the machine punch through the thickest banner materials
  • With a bored based, this unit can be mounted on a tabletop
  • It can also be used as a portable unit
  • It can work on the following materials
    • Tyvek
    • Coroplast
    • Styrene
    • Celtic posterboard,
    • Other materials

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