Orajet 3105HT

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Orajet 3105HT

High-quality PVC film that has several uses in a wide range of industries and sectors today. PVC is widely known for its durability and excellent quality. Aside from its use in graphics applications in the automotive industry, PVC films are also used in the construction and healthcare sectors.

Orajet 3105HT is special for its superb lightfastness and weather resistance. It also literally stands out from the competition with its white, glossy finish.

This PVC film is particularly designed to be used on outdoor substrates that make it difficult for adhesion, including low energy plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene) and roughly textured surfaces.

4-mil white gloss high-performance PVC film, for long-term graphic applications, markings, and decorations with the highest degree of outdoor brilliance and durability.

  • Grey, solvent-based permanent w/ high initial tack
  • Up to 5yr durability
  • 90# PE-coated silicone paper

Ink Compatibility

  • Latex
  • Solvent/Eco-Solvent
  • UV

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30” x 150', 54” x 150'