Epson SureColor F9470 | Dye-Sublimation Inkjet Printer


Epson SureColor F9470

The Epson SureColor F9470 printer range delivers high-fidelity, bleed-resistant printing technology. Designed for high-precision commercial applications, the printer Epson SureColor F9470 delivers impeccable results in factory settings.

With a print speed of 1,169 square feet per hour, it’s the perfect tool for high-volume applications. Each PrecisionCore TFP print head ensures that the Epson SureColor lays the ink with precision even at high speeds.

Each Epson SureColor head can work independently of the other, ensuring no downtime should one head fail.

The innovative pigment ink produces highly saturated, vibrant color mixes. The long-lasting formula makes certain the ink stores well and that the color is fade-resistant after application. The high-density black ink ensures this printer Epson Surecolor delivers well-defined patterns without fuzziness or bleeding.

With a capacity of 3 liters per tank and two banks of cartridges, the printer can deliver many hours of uninterrupted runtime.

The innovative air guard technology allows the precise placement of ink droplets. In a standard printer, the movement of the heads creates a slight disturbance in the airflow. Though subtle, this disturbance is enough to throw the droplet placement off.

The Epson SureColor printing system incorporates safeguards to ensure smooth, consistent print quality.

To create the perfect printer, Epson SureColor utilizes three technologies to deliver precision results:

  • Half-Tone Module: This relatively new technique allows for the smooth application of ink to eliminate visible graining
  • LUT: Another new technique, LUT, smooths color gradation, providing maximum color range and consistency, and ensures high durability
  • Microweave: This established technique improves uniform results

When coupled with the Multi-Pass Overlap technology, the Epson SureColor printer delivers rich, highly-detailed prints of unsurpassed quality. It’s simple to roll out professional-level apparel, textiles, decor, banners, and far more with exceptional color fidelity and contrast.

Control the system with the free Epson Edge Workflow software. Powered by an Adobe PostScript 3 Engine, this program allows you to get maximum use from your new Epson SureColor printer.

The highlights are:

  • Custom spot colors and creation abilities
  • Clients have used Wi-Fi direct, Google Cloud Print, and ethernet cable to import new media
  • Onboard project library storage capacity
  • Flawless pattern repeats

The software enables you to maximize productivity for the printer Epson SureColor and creates an efficient workflow for each run.

The Epson SureColor auto paper-tension control guarantees that media loads correctly each time. Most comparable systems in the United States today use either a roll drive motor or feed motor. The Epson SureColor printer utilizes both to make sure that the media loads perfectly each time.

With a capacity to load rolls of up to 100 pounds in weight and auto paper-tensioning, it’s never been simpler to produce seamless print runs. Epson America Inc. also included a fabric head wiper to automatically clean the heads without intervention.

The wiper and dust guard make sure that the heads stay cleaner for longer and require less maintenance. There’s less need to shut the printer Epson SureColor system for routine cleaning than with its competitors in the United States.

Clients that give consent to Epson America may join the rewards program. You consent to earn points with qualifying SureColor purchases and receive marketing emails. You may withdraw your subscription to the advertising programs at any stage.

The rewards apply for purchases at any authorized Epson SureColor dealer in any country.

A one-year limited on-site warranty comes standard with purchase. You may opt to extend this to a three-year maintenance plan. Epson further encourages clients who need advice at any time to contact Epson technical support.


The Epson SureColor F9470 price point is reasonable for a commercial wide format printer. The brand’s high-reliability and innovative client reward system improve the overall value for the money. Earn points when buying consumables from an Epson America SureColor printer dealer such as:

  • Paper rolls – standard, photo papers, and fine art paper available
  • Epson SureColor Ink Cartridges
  • Wide-format printing sheets
  • Cleaning Sheets
  • Printer Epson SureColor head cleaning kits
  • Filling kits for cartridges
  • Waste ink canisters

The company often offers generous cashback incentives, allowing you to save when buying your Epson sublimation printer. Stay connected with Epson or their authorized reseller to learn more about special offers, new media, and upgrades.

Should you no longer wish to receive emails, you may withdraw your consent by contacting support.

The printer speed and larger ink tanks provide maximum productivity and reduce the need for general printer care. Being able to replace each Epson Surecolor individual color further improves the cost-effectiveness of this 2020 Epson America Inc best buy.

While some models within this price range may require printer software, 2020 Epson America provides a turnkey solution. The printer comes with the Epson Edge Workflow software to ensure you may start production immediately.


Clients should not use third-party inks with their new printer as Epson SureColor warranties are voided if they do.

This condition increases the cost of topping up the tanks slightly, but the print quality makes it worthwhile. The Epson UltraChrome range also carries an Eco Passport certification by Oeko-Tex, meaning that their formulas contain nothing that harms human health.

With consumers placing more focus on the chemicals they expose themselves to, this rating gives Epson an advantage over some generic brands. There’s never a bad time to contact Epson or their authorized reseller if you need a rundown of what specific chemicals the SureColor range uses.

The Epson cartridge yields vary considerably, depending on the type of prints you make, but the replacement ink is affordable. The printer can use a variable amount of ink with each pass, so you may tweak the output to make it more economical.

With Epson America, you may save even more on UltraChrome HD ink through the customer loyalty program. You’ll need to give consent to Epson America to sign you up. After that, you buy your replacement ink through an authorized dealer.

The dual print head setup ensures that ink is evenly distributed. The printer uses a pigment ink type. The colors are more vibrant and boast a  finer ink droplet size.

The SureColor printer technology is advanced enough to allow users to vary the droplet size to alter print quality. This function enables the printer to capture even the finest detail with great accuracy.

This printer, Epson SureColor 9470, uses four colors from the Ultrachrome DS range:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • High-Density Black

Load the cartridges in order of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and High-Density Black. UltraChrome HD inks deliver high-resolution ink coverage for color and advanced black and white prints. The high-density black ensures results comparable to that of a photo printer model.

The Epson SureColor inkjet printer’s ink cartridge shelf life is around two years unopened. This timeframe drops to six months when the first cartridges is used or punctured.

Each of the cartridges holds 3 liters of ink to provide thousands of prints or feet of material. With two banks of cartridges, the printer Epson SureColor has space for 24 liters of ink at a time.

Epson also recommends stirring the SureColor black ink type once a week to prevent sediment from forming. They provide full instructions on how to do this in the manual.


The SureColor high-resolution ink coverage and larger cartridges help businesses better manage each variable. The rate of ink-use for the printer is simple to ascertain. This feature makes it possible to provide clients with accurate estimates upfront.

Every Epson Surecolor inkjet printer delivers on its certified level of performance as long as users follow Epson’s instructions. General printer care is simple and primarily entails cleaning the heads occasionally and using the correct Epson UltraChrome ink cartridges.

Reviews for the performance of the SureColor wide format printer in both black and white and color are favorable. Users comment that both imaging technology and printing technology are impressive.

What’s most impressive, however, is the printer’s versatility. The Epson SureColor allows printing on paper, soft textiles, or banners, increasing its usefulness. Users like switching between color prints, B-W prints, and promotional banners quickly and efficiently.

Other users comment on how easy it is to maintain this printer. Epson SureColor provides cleaning sheets and cartridges to keep the heads in top condition. They also have a highly-qualified team of technicians to deal with SureColor printer breakdowns, should they occur.

Finally, reviewers commented on the quiet operation of the Epson SuperColor printer. While running, this model is no louder than an air conditioner.


PC Specs

  • Requires a Windows 8.1 or higher operating system
  • Minimum: 2GHz CPU, 120GB HDD, 2GB RAM, DVD-ROM or access to Wi-Fi direct
  • Recommended: 3 GHz or more quad-core CPU, 500 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, and high-speed Wi-Fi, certified level-stable


  • Recommended standard operating temperatures of between 59°F and 77°F
  • Humidity levels during operation of between 40% and 80% without condensation
  • Runs at under 59 dB(A), per ISO 7779
  • Dimensions are 103″ x 37″ x 53″
  • Weighs 639 pounds


  • Made in China
  • The printer, Epson SureColor, comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Clients may opt for Epson SureColor service programs for three years after purchase
  • Stay connected with Epson and earn rewards for purchasing consumables


  • Uses PrecisionCore® TFP® ink-repelling coating technology with a dual inkjet printhead, eight channels, and drop-on-demand features
  • A maximum resolution of 1440 x 720 DPI
  • A maximum speed of up to 1,169 square feet per hour
  • Sports apparel prints at 568 square feet per hour
  • Fashion signage prints at 1,004 square feet per hour
  • Uses Epson UltraChrome SureColor variable droplet technology


  • AC 100 – 120 V with 10 A; 200 – 240 V with 5 A-rated voltage with rated current
  • 50/ 60 Hz rated frequency
  • Uses 570 Watts or less while printing; 1 Watt when off; 17 Watts in sleep mode; and 340 Watts when the standby heaters are on
  • Requires two separate outlets

Ink Supply

  • Supply is two lots of cartridges containing 3 liters of each color
  • Fill volume is 2 liters of each color
  • Shelf-life of two-years from the manufacture date
  • Variable ink droplet size


  • 11.8 inches to 64 inches of paper width
  • Printable up to 63.6 inches
  • 64-inch wide single or top-loading roll
  • Printer margins of 20 inches on each side
  • 2-inch or 3-inch media core diameter
  • Rolls of up to 9.8-inch in diameter and 100 pounds in weight
  • Media of at least 45 GSM
  • A fully automatic take-up reel


Epson SureColor F9470H Printer

As a printer, the Epson SureColor F9470H offers similar features to its slightly less expensive cousin. The F9470H, however, houses ten ink cartridges instead of eight. The print head is also able to work in fluorescent inks.

This Epson SureColor allows users to add fluorescent pink and yellow into the mix. The resultant prints are more vibrant. Those who are in the leisure-wear or swimsuit industry may find the F9470H more suited to their needs.

Epson SureColor F6370 Printer

The baby brother of the F9000 series, the Epson SureColor F6370 printer comes in at around half the price. On the level of performance subject, this printer comes distinctly second. The print quality is excellent, but the speed and maximum resolution are lower.

At 44 inches in width, the printing surface is significantly smaller. This printer may not be ideal for creating bolts of fabric, but it will process fine art papers and prints exceptionally well. The built-in cutter also comes in handy.

It’s a solid printer offering from Epson America you may appreciate if you’re on a limited budget.


The Epson SureColor F9470/F9470H printer manual is available online from the firm’s website. Epson began to phase out printed manuals as a way of protecting the environment a few years ago. The instructions are, however, relatively simple to follow, so a hard copy isn’t necessary.

As of 2020, Epson America Inc. stores copies of all printer support documentation in English on their website. Those with Wi-Fi direct may download and keep the printer instructions on file.

The Epson SureColor printer comes with:

  • Power Cords
  • 2 liters of printer Epson SureColor ink
  • Epson Edge Print Software


High-speed, reliable productivity for digital dye-sublimation transfers.

Built from the ground up, the high-performance SureColor F9470 64-inch printer is a reliable, turnkey solution for dye-sublimation applications. Designed to meet the unique needs of high-volume, factory environments, the F9470 includes dual PrecisionCore® TFP® printheads and delivers outstanding-quality prints at speeds up to 1,169 sqft/hour. Featuring UltraChrome® DS ink technology with High-Density Black ink, the F9470 delivers exceptional color saturation and contrast for professional-quality apparel, soft signage, décor and more. Plus, with Epson Edge® workflow software, highly accurate roll-to-roll media support system with advanced auto paper-tension control, and high-capacity ink tanks, the F9470 supports seamless 24/7 production.

Model: SCF9470PE


Overview of Epson SureColor F9470 and F9470H

  • Breakthrough productivity — dual printheads deliver industrial-level, roll-to-roll performance at speeds up to 1,169 square feet/hour
  • Brilliant image quality — UltraChrome DS6 Ink Technology with fluorescent Yellow and Pink ink produces exceptional color saturation and high contrast
  • True roll-to-roll support — high-accuracy take-up reel supports efficient calendar heat press transfer
  • Turnkey solution, fully supported by Epson — includes Epson Edge Print and ICC profiles, for use with optimized Epson DS Transfer Papers
  • Predictable, reliable performance — advanced auto paper-tension control and the fabric head wiper enable simple, continuous production
  • More ink means less downtime — high-capacity ink tanks hold up to 3 L per color, for longer print runs without user intervention
  • Epson Edge Dashboard — remotely run cleanings, check ink levels, update firmware and download new media profiles from your computer
  • Exclusive Epson Rewards program available — accumulate points with every consumable purchase for discounts on extended service coverage; visit for more information
  • Affordable, scalable solution — offers an excellent performance-to-price ratio; easily add printers to meet your business needs

Printer is designed for use with Epson ink packs only, not third-party ink packs or ink.


Eco Features

  • RoHS compliant
  • Recyclable product
  • Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWay™ Transport Partner
  • Epson UltraChrome DS Ink is certified by ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®, meaning it’s safe for adults, children and babies

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