Epson SureColor F9470H | Dye-Sublimation Inkjet Printer


Epson SureColor F9470H Printer

Punch up the color with the Epson SureColor F9470H printer and fluorescent inks. Like the Epson SureColor F9470, this 64-inch, wide-format printer delivers top quality prints. It uses the same Epson printing technology as the F9470 but adds extra style with the company’s fluorescent color series. The result is a highly-saturated print that blends unmatched image quality with eye-popping color. 

The printable area reaches almost the full 64-inch width of the printer, allowing for wide-format quality prints. Combined with the Epson printer dual print heads’ capability to reach speeds of up to 1,169 square feet per hour, this is a powerful performer.

It’s also reliable. With in-built automated features and redundancy, not even a damaged head will stop this printer’s production.

Choose the F9470H if you’re ready for scaling up production and doing business at high-speed. These commercial-grade printers excel in high-volume, factory settings.

The system uses the pigment ink series for better color-matching and durability. The print heads make use of Multi-Pass Overlap technology to ensure impeccably rich image quality. Your results will be impactful when paired with the underlying luminescence of the neon colors.

3000ml of ink per tank allows you to maximize productivity with longer print runs.

The ink system further includes an air guard to prevent image quality distortion while laying the pigment ink. The shield ensures that each droplet lands where it should, improving image quality while reducing graininess. This feature is vital with a series of black and white or fine art products.

To further ensure image quality, the printers incorporate a dust guard to keep the heads clear of particles. The built-in Epson head cleaner runs automatically to prevent a mark from marring the print images’ quality.

The Epson SureColor printers, therefore, requires less manual maintenance and support. Epson designed their printers to allow for better productivity and an extended series of production runs.

Epson America Inc. employs three technologies in its printers to ensure that print quality remains consistent:

  • Half-Tone Module: Works toward visibly evening tone and reducing grain
  • LUT: Ensures a better color series, higher durability, and the seamless graduation of color with pigment inks
  • Microweave: Ensures a uniform result and quality prints

The auto-paper tension control further improves results by feeding your paper through steadily. The system uses both a feed and roll drive motor to make sure that the material moves through the printer at an even pace.

Load individual sheets or rolls weighing up to 100 pounds for maximum productivity. Print on paper, poster board, and soft textiles to create everything from apparel and B2B advertising to home decor.

System control is simple with the Epson Edge Workflow software. This program is based on an Adobe engine, enabling you to gain the maximum benefit from your new printer.

Some of its features are that it:

  • Links with the color touchscreen on the Epson printer
  • Incorporates layout tools to minimize paper or media wastage and improve productivity
  • Allows for the creation and management of custom palettes
  • With your consent, links to Google Cloud Print and other cloud providers, Wi-Fi, or ethernet to use it to download new media
  • Allows you to use it for your product and images library
  • Enables the download of direct software and driver patches, updates, and offers with your consent
  • Integrates smart imaging technologies that allow for the creation of seamless patterns

You may also opt to join Epson’s rewards program. Signing up is free and enables you to earn points when you purchase consumables such as Epson Ultrachrome inks and paper. Purchases from authorized resellers count toward discounts against future purchases.

Epson America also notifies reward’s customers about promotions and cashback incentives on new printers. Please try to keep an eye on these communications to keep up to date with printing technology changes.

The company provides a one-year limited warranty for its printers. If something goes wrong during this time, Epson offers on-site support. If you consent, you may increase the warranty by an additional two years.

With or without the service plan, Epson offers free, high-quality phone support. Epson’s customer service professionals are helpful, highly trained, and keep an eye out for potential error-causing issues.


Epson America Inc. gains its competitive advantage when doing business through innovative products rather than slashing prices. Their offers on printers are, however, still highly competitive.

Epson combines cutting edge technologies with high-quality printing components to ensure maximum efficiency, error-free ink technology, and durability.

Please try to keep an eye on the Epson America Inc. and reseller websites to learn about the latest cashback offers. Mark the page for easy reference–doing so may save you thousands of dollars on printers.

Epson America Inc. also occasionally provides free items, product information, and advice to maximize your investment return. Their budget for printing imaging technology products is high, so please try to watch for updates.

Printing professionals consent to receive marketing material for special offers and tips on improving the quality of images and overall performance. Epson support values doing business with you, so they’re careful not to spam you about their printers.

Should you wish to revoke or change your consent, you will have to enter the Epson page online to complete a short series of steps. Alternatively, you may contact the client support professionals in Los Alamitos.

Finally, Epson imaging technology and printers are up and ready to go immediately. There’s no need to purchase additional software or other technologies.


Epson America, Inc. is strict about the inks that you use. It’s best to steer clear of third-party products to get the best performance from the ink technology. According to support at Los Alamitos, using generic brands invalidates your warranty.

The potential savings in using unbranded products aren’t significant enough to warrant the risk. The generic inks may contain sediment that clogs the print heads and damages the productivity of the printers.

Oeko-Tex provides the Epson UltraChrome products with the Eco Passport certification. This formula does not contain chemicals harmful to printers or humans.

The ink technology strikes a good balance between economy and image quality. It’s possible to adjust the resolution to yield anything from banner advertising to fine art prints. The printers can recreate social media ad blasts or photography series as you prefer.

Use the Epson HD black ink and set the Epson printer to an extremely high resolution for printing the best fine art prints. Dial the printing format down a little to print a less intense image.

A series of six high-quality colors from the Epson America Ultrachrome DS range makes this printing technology unique. Aside from the standard CMYK inks, the printer also prints fluorescent yellow and pink.

Choose to print in black and white, standard pigments, or include fluorescents. The color range lends itself particularly well to textiles but also works for photography and fine art.

The opened cartridges will last up to six months in the printer. After that, Epson America Inc. suggests changing it out, or the results might be unpredictable. The company further recommends stirring the fluorescent and black ink every week as they contain heavy pigments that may settle.


The S9000 series came out in late 2019. Since then, people praise it for:

  • Color Range: Clients in the marketing and fashion industries, in particular, appreciate the pop of color that the Epson neon pink and yellow offers.
  • Economy: The longer run-times, large size tanks, energy-efficient design, and low maintenance requirements are all aspects that clients remark upon favorably.
  • Reliability: This Epson product makes it simple to reproduce an image or pattern precisely several times over. Once you understand the settings, it’s merely a matter of ensuring the machine has the correct paper and supplies. Reliable results make it simple to provide clients with competitive estimates across a series of media.
  • Certified Performance: Epson America Inc. backs its products up with independent testing. As long as you use the recommended products, you’ll receive quality prints in wide format.
  • Versatility: Clients appreciate being able to effortlessly shift between fine art, black and white prints, and color profiles and use various materials.
  • Customer Service: Epson provides clients with top-notch service out of their Los Alamitos offices. Please enter your details for the client rewards program as well.
  • Quiet Operation: Some users said that they were surprised at how quietly Epson printers run. For a wide-format commercial product to run at 59 decibels is impressive. That’s about the same noise level as your standard air conditioner.
  • Minimal computer resources: Considering the product image performance, many users mark the relatively low load the printers place on the network as an advantage.
  • Scalable: Epson bills this as a “scalable” solution, and many users agree. While the Epson SureColor F6200 and Epson F7200 are more economical for short runs, the F9470H allows you to enter a more competitive performance level instantly.


PC Specs

  • Requires a Windows 8.1 or higher operating system
  • This Epson product requires at least: 2GHz CPU, 120GB HDD, 2GB RAM, DVD-ROM, or access to Wi-Fi direct
  • Epson recommends 3 GHz or more quad-core CPU, 500 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, and high-speed Wi-Fi for the best performance


  • The machinery performance is best at temperatures of between 59°F and 77°F
  • Epson recommends a humidity level of no more than 60% to 80% without condensation
  • Noise levels are under 59 dB(A), per ISO 7779
  • This Epson model is 103″ x 37″ x 53″ in size
  • Weighs 639 pounds


  • The 1-year limited warranty can be extended to a three-year support contract
  • Manufactured in China to the highest quality standards
  • Points system links loyal clients to rewards for their continued support


  • These Epson printers use PrecisionCore® TFP® ink-repelling coating technology with a dual inkjet printhead, ten channels, and drop-on-demand features
  • The max resolution for prints is 1440 x 720 DPI
  • The max speed is 1,169 square feet per hour for paper and similar media
  • Sportswear prints at 568 square feet per hour for error-free image quality
  • Signage and any other advertising format prints at 1,004 square feet per hour


  • Requires two separate outlets
  • AC 100 – 120 V with 10 A; 200 – 240 V with 5 A-rated voltage with rated current
  • Uses 570 Watts or less while printing; 1 Watt when off; 17 Watts in sleep mode; and 340 Watts when using the standby heaters
  • 50/ 60 Hz rated frequency

Ink Supply

  • The supply contains two banks of tanks with a max load of 3,000 ml each
  • The fill volume is 2 liters of each color
  • This series of ink remains stable in the container two-years from the manufacture date
  • Pigment ink


  • Supports paper, soft textiles, and media of at least 45 GSM
  • Printable product area of up to 63.6 inches
  • 11.8 inches to 64 inches of paper width
  • 64-inch wide single or top-loading roll
  • 2-inch or 3-inch media core diameter for best performance
  • Printer margins of 20 inches on each side
  • Will support rolls of up to 9.8 inches in diameter and 100 pounds in weight
  • A fully automatic high-quality take-up reel


Epson SureColor F9470 Printer

The Epson Surecolor F9470 printer comes in at a slightly lower price because it’s an 8-channel series printer. It provides the same imaging technology level and similar commercial performance but only allows for CMYK printing.

The Epson F9470, therefore, offers a slightly more limited range. It’s ideal for reproducing photography but not much use for the brightest marketing images or swimwear.

Epson SureColor F570 Printer

The SureColor F570 is a 24-inch printer that works out well economically for a series of small-format items. At about half the speed of the F9470H, it’s not quite as impressive to use, but it’s a good starter printer for small companies.

It uses similar printing technologies to deliver commercial-grade results. It’s best suited to image printing on paper or plastic.


You’ll find the manual and all the necessary drivers through links on the Epson website or through support. Like many other firms, Epson began to phase out printed manuals many years ago. The digital copy for printers is more convenient for the modern consumer thanks to its clickable headings.

You may find the full 200-page Epson SureColor F9470/F9470H manual in English on the American site. Some local sites in other countries make it available in a series of languages.

The Epson SureColor series of printers come with:

  • Power Cords
  • 2 liters of each color of printer ink
  • Epson Edge Software


High-speed, reliable productivity for high-visibility digital dye-sublimation transfers.

Produce vibrant apparel, soft signage, décor and more with the high-performance SureColor F9470H 64-inch printer. Purposefully designed for high-visibility dye-sublimation printing, the F9470H features the full spectrum of brilliant UltraChrome® DS6 ink, including Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow, for exceptional color saturation and brightness. The perfect choice for high-volume, industrial environments, the F9470H includes dual PrecisionCore® TFP® printheads and delivers outstanding-quality prints at speeds up to 1,169 sqft/hour. A truly turnkey solution, the F9470H arrives with Epson Edge® workflow software, highly accurate roll-to-roll media support system with advanced auto paper-tension control, and high-capacity ink tanks for seamless 24/7 production.

Model: SCF9470HPE


Overview of Epson SureColor F9470H

  • Breakthrough productivity — dual printheads deliver industrial-level, roll-to-roll performance at speeds up to 1,169 square feet/hour
  • Brilliant image quality — UltraChrome DS6 Ink Technology with fluorescent Yellow and Pink ink produces exceptional color saturation and high contrast
  • True roll-to-roll support — high-accuracy take-up reel supports efficient calendar heat press transfer
  • Turnkey solution, fully supported by Epson — includes Epson Edge Print and ICC profiles, for use with optimized Epson DS Transfer Papers
  • Predictable, reliable performance — advanced auto paper-tension control and the fabric head wiper enable simple, continuous production
  • More ink means less downtime — high-capacity ink tanks hold up to 3 L per color, for longer print runs without user intervention
  • Epson Edge Dashboard — remotely run cleanings, check ink levels, update firmware and download new media profiles from your computer
  • Exclusive Epson Rewards program available — accumulate points with every consumable purchase for discounts on extended service coverage; visit for more information
  • Affordable, scalable solution — offers an excellent performance-to-price ratio; easily add printers to meet your business needs

Printer is designed for use with Epson ink packs only, not third-party ink packs or ink.


Eco Features

  • RoHS compliant
  • Recyclable product
  • Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWay™ Transport Partner
  • Epson UltraChrome DS Ink is certified by ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®, meaning it’s safe for adults, children and babies

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