HP Latex 570 Printer


HP Latex 570

The primary function of the HP Latex 570 is to increase productivity and produce day-one image quality. If you specialize in large-format display images, you might want to give this printer a closer look. 

With the HP Latex 570, you can effortlessly print various forms of media, including banners, flags, and posters, with its many different print modes. It’s easy to achieve smooth fleet management, drive high productivity, and enjoy fast print speeds along various media.

For indoor and outdoor wide-format solutions or to enjoy a printer optimized for fleet management, the HP Latex 570 is an ideal choice. Learn more about all the HP Latex 570 specifications and features with our comprehensive review below.

HP Latex 570 Price & Pivot Table

The Latex 570 is a relatively inexpensive large-format printer geared towards high productivity with fast print speeds. If you need to print quality color banners using vivid print modes and the latest tiling applications, HP Latex Technologies is an excellent solution.

When you consider its performance, print modes, and consistent quality over time, the HP Latex 570 in your shopping cart is great value for money as it speeds along with workflow requirements. With the HP Latex 570’s low sale price, workflow, and cost efficiencies, it’s challenging to find another printer that rivals the printer. 

HP Latex 570 also ensures high productivity on speed, image quality, and easy operation load rolls. You can drastically increase output and scale your business. HP also offers a limited warranty on all printers in the 500 series if you ever run into issues with your printer.

HP Latex 570 Top Features

  • A spindleless pivot table and automatic skew adjustment allow you to roll loads in less than 60 seconds.
  • The HP Latex mobile app gives you control of your fleet management system from a distance.
  • Using vivid print modes is easy, and you can produce saturated prints with higher ink density.
  • You achieve consistent day-one image quality over time (native users quickly change print heads and there is automatic nozzle replacement to handle robust tiling applications).
  • Three-liter HP Latex ink cartridges allow you to reduce operating costs while maintaining quality.
  • The HP internal development kit integrates your Latex 570, even with an extensive fleet.
  • The easily accessible print zone and illuminated windows facilitate effortless maintenance and operation.
  • All print jobs are cured and dried within the printer so that you can deliver your media right away.
  • You attain high productivity on speed with the HP Latex Optimizer.

Latex 570 Printer—HP Applications


Banners are an excellent product for showcasing company logos, symbols, slogans, and more. Most banners are cloth, but with the HP Latex 570 printer, you can diversify across several substrates. The machine is also designed to handle heavy workloads, so it’s easy to balance production.

Self-adhesive Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is a multifunctional material designed to make attractive imagery for businesses, government organizations, or personal use. This form of media is prevalent for indoor and outdoor commercial advertising. 

With the printheads, auto nozzle replacement ensures effortless and vibrant self-adhesive vinyl productions every time.

Event Graphics

When companies attend trade shows or events, a high-quality graphic is essential. Using vivid print modes for visually striking event graphics, your HP Latex 570 printer will have every shopping cart browsing what you have on offer.

Exterior Signage

Signs are a great way to tell people valuable information about your business. High-quality signs survive harsh weather conditions and UV rays. The HP Latex ink is more than suitable for extended outdoor use, so you can create vibrant signage and get your business noticed.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics (also called vehicle wraps) go on the sides of public and commercial vehicles for advertising purposes. It is usually custom vinyl wrapping, which is resistant to the elements and protects the ink from fading with UV ray exposure. 

You’ll find vehicle graphics on trucks, taxis, buses, company vehicles, trains, and so on. 

HP Latex 570 Printer Ink

With the 570 printer, HP Latex enables you to produce highly saturated prints with over 50% more ink density. The i1 embedded spectrophotometer corrects the coloring immediately without wasting ink cartridges.

The original HP ink cartridges are compatible with the HP Latex printers to ensure consistent image quality over time. Native 1200 dpi, user ease, reliable printheads, auto nozzle replacement handle, and many other features support the printer’s dependable performance.

You can use non-HP inks with your machine, but it’s not recommended. Although different brands might have competitive prices, you usually sacrifice other aspects, like quality, print speed, easy operation, load efficiency, and effective balance production.

With the HP Latex inks, you can sharpen your image on any substrate and take full advantage of its vibrant color gamut.

HP Latex 570 ink is consistent, durable, and versatile. These inks are also odorless and suitable for a wide range of environments, like healthcare facilities, since they don’t require extensive ventilation.

The HP Latex ink technology has all the certifications you could need for health and safety to go to with your printer optimized for fleet management. Drive high productivity and keep you, your clients, and the environment free of contaminants. 

All the inks are water-based for more straightforward labeling and storage. HP’s inks are recognized by the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). It is designed to reduce environmental impact and still produce highly saturated prints.

Reviews & Benefits

Online reviews for the HP Latex 570 printer are mostly positive. Customers seem to enjoy the spindleless pivot table along with the take-up roller, but there are many more features that call attention to themselves. 

All these additions help users boost their productivity and maintain image quality over time—native 1200 dpi, user efficiency, and auto nozzle replacement handle technology help too.

Print Speeds

Another aspect of this printer that users love is the way that it boosts productivity on speed. Easy features, like indoor mode, allow your HP Latex to print up to 248 sq ft/hr. Indoor quality remains consistently high across the fleet.

One of this HP printer’s best features is that it’s optimized for managing a fleet. Companies can reduce operating costs, boost efficiency, and regulate compliance across the board. The embedded spectrophotometer and HP Custom Substrate Profiling configuration help users maintain day-one image quality over time. 

Of all the Latex printers in the series, the 570 seems the one that customers are most excited about for speed, easy operation, load efficiency, and other key features.

The Most Compact Latex Printer

Like the HP Latex 560 printer, the 570 can produce high-quality, sharp images on cheaper substrates, maintaining fast print speeds along the way. The printer has 3-liter HP ink cartridges that allow you to balance production and produce highly saturated prints with minimal effort. 

The machine also comes with an integrated development kit and a status beacon to alert you of any errors during a job.

Consistent Day-One Image Resolution

The 3-liter HP Latex ink cartridges promise high productivity with fast turnarounds. Customers also enjoyed the HP Latex 570 printer for productivity on speed, easy printheads (auto nozzle replacement), and consistent day-one image standards. The machine is designed to handle extended workloads while maintaining cost efficiencies. 

The 570 Latex comes equipped with several new add-ons, including a spindleless pivot table and skew adjustment for easy operation load rolls (in less than one minute).

Long-lasting Colors

With the embedded i1 spectrophotometer, the 570 can produce vivid color on multiple substrates, including double-sided mediums with higher ink density. One unique feature allows users to change print heads easily with an auto nozzle replacement configuration. 

The auto nozzle replacement feature is a firm favorite with customers looking for minimal maintenance. It helps to handle robust tiling applications.

Manage A Fleet

You can use the internal development kit to add your printer to your larger fleet management system. Using the status beacon, you can control your fleet remotely using the HP Latex mobile app. The fleet management system provides high productivity with fast control over your entire workflow. You can plan your printing, regulate supplies usage, and optimize ink.


Link to HP Latex 570 Spec Sheet.


  • Printing Technology: HP Latex Printing
  • Color: Yes
  • Max Image Resolution: 1200 x 1200 DPI
  • Print Cartridges: 3
  • Available Colors: Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Light magenta, Magenta, Yellow
  • Print Speed (Indoor Mode): 248 sq ft/hr
  • Indoor Quality: Yes
  • Print Head: 7


  • Media Types: Banner
  • Media Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Max Roll Width: 162.5 cm
  • Supported Roll Widths: 254 – 1625 mm

Power Consumption

  • Active: 4000 W

Product Dimensions

  • Width: 2560 mm
  • Height: 1420 mm
  • Weight: 250 kg


HP Latex 315

  • 54-inch roll support
  • 4-inch touchscreen display
  • 517 sq ft/hr print speed
  • Close-packed design for smaller workspaces
  • Optional take-up reel

HP Latex 335

  • 64-inch roll support
  • 4-inch touchscreen display
  • 538 sq ft/hr print speed
  • More suitable for heavy-duty media
  • Take-up reel

HP Latex 365

  • 64-inch roll support
  • 980 sq ft/hr print speed
  • 8-inch touchscreen display
  • Ink collector

HP Latex 570 Manual

You can access comprehensive HP manuals on the company website with everything you need to ensure your printer is running correctly across your fleet. There are several volumes, including general maintenance, site preparation, legal information, cleaning, assembly, and warranty guidelines.

The HP Latex 570 printer is straightforward to maintain, and there’s a reliable manual available online. In the user guide, you’ll find essential information and detailed instructions about how to troubleshoot substrate issues. You’ll also learn how to roll media into the printer, attach the ink collector and wiper roller, and change substrate width.

HP has an outstanding customer service team and limited warranty. If you need help with their Latex printers, call the company phone number to request more details. 

You can find the phone number on the HP website.

Link to HP Latex 570 Manual.

Key Components

  • Printer Status Beacon to monitor and control your production remotely. It saves time by optimizing workflow from anywhere using the HP mobile app.
  • HP Custom Substrate Profiling allows for easier color management right on the touchscreen control panel. You can create custom color profiles for future projects, and the HP Custom Substrate Profiling component encompasses one of this printer’s many color emulation capabilities.
  • i1 Spectrophotometer is an instrument that regulates how much light passes through a solution. With this, you have full access to the machine’s color emulation capabilities.
  • Spindleless Pivot Table manages workflow and cost efficiencies with ease. The spindleless pivot table makes it easier to load rolls, which saves so much time for new projects.

When you purchase an HP 570 Latex printer, you get:

  • Print heads
  • Maintenance cartridge
  • Ink collector
  • Output platen protector
  • Printer stand
  • Take-up reel
  • Loading accessory
  • Native 1200 dpi
  • User maintenance kit
  • Edge holders
  • Wiper roller
  • Beacon
  • Auto nozzle replacement handle
  • Quick reference guide
  • Power cords
  • Documentation software


Who Should Buy the HP Latex 570?

It is a versatile printer with a wide range of useful features, and relatively affordable compared to other large format printers on the market. 

Here’s are some reasons to consider this printer:

  • A reliable printer with several color emulation capabilities to boost speeds along with workflow.
  • Continuous production of day-one image quality products at a high frequency while minimizing operating costs.
  • Serves clients who want products with consistent quality over time.
  • Provides a printer with fast transit times that can handle robust tiling applications and optimize supplies usage.
  • Presents a printer optimized for fleet management.
  • It’s optimized for maximum productivity with impressive print speed.

This machine can load rolls in less than 60 seconds using the spindleless pivot table and auto skew adjustment, so it is an excellent investment to increase overall output.

Additional Information

  • Color emulation capabilities could impact printer speed.
  • Using backlit substrates could produce different results.
  • Performance may vary depending on media—HP recommends textiles that don’t stretch to ensure productivity for fast print products.


High productivity with fast, easy operation

Experience quick and easy loading in one minute with the spindleless pivot table. Do all tasks from the front of the printer, and enjoy fast speeds and unattended printing. Color emulation capabilities across your fleet¹ also help streamline and speed up production.

Cost effective and easily integrated into your fleet

Expand your capacity with a printer optimized for fleet management. Drive high productivity with fast print speeds, along with workflow and cost efficiencies.
Technical specifications
Print speed
980 ft²/hr – Max Speed (1-pass); 334 ft²/hr – Outdoor High Speed (4-pass 4-color); 301 ft²/hr – Outdoor Plus (4-pass); 248 ft²/hr – Indoor Quality (6-pass); 151 ft²/hr – Indoor High Quality (10-pass); 69 ft²/hr – Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16-pass); 54 ft²/hr – High Saturation Textiles (20-pass)
(Measured at maximum print width)
Print quality color (best):
Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Print technology:
HP Latex Printing Technologies
Ink types:
  • HP Latex Inks
Number of print cartridges:
7 (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer)
Print heads:
  • 7 (2 cyan/black, 2 magenta/yellow, 1 light cyan/light magenta, 2 HP Latex Optimizer)
Print head nozzles:

Additional information