HP Latex 700


HP Latex 700 – HP’s Latest Latex Printers

HP Latex 700, as well as the 800 series, was released on the morning of Feb 2, 2021.

In March of 2020, HP’s request for a large format plotter model was approved by the FCC. With this, the HP Latex 700, 700W, 800, and 800W were approved for the market and today we’re finally able to see what the latest HP Latex 700 printer has to offer for our businesses.

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HP has introduced the new 700 and 800 models, and there is much to celebrate with both these offerings. The goal of these innovations in the HP Latex printer was to broaden the scope of the printers. HP Latex does an incredible job, and print service providers can now add more value while handling complex projects and producing graphics with exceptional image quality.

Like older printers, HP has kept it simple. It’s easy to learn for any operator and can increase the speed of your jobs to maintain a tight printing schedule. A top-shelf machine with the versatility of the line of HP Latex printers means being able to accept more jobs from your clients without compromising on print quality.

HP Latex 700W and HP Latex 800W models offer printing services in white water-based HP latex ink—a first for an HP machine in this category. The 700 and 800 HP Latex printers use these water-based HP latex inks to offer sustainable alternatives for your jobs. In fact, you can stand out in the printing service field with environmentally-friendly equipment that considers the sustainability of the product to the end of its life.

HP Latex Printers—Faster and Better

The new 700 and 800 models are exceptionally fast, with many more nozzles on the printheads and up to 35% faster printing capacity. HP Latex printers also allow printing service providers to say yes to more client jobs, including stunning creations for retail promotional displays that are flexible enough for any campaign. The new nozzle formation ensures perfect color consistency on every panel, and the whole system is more durable than previous models.

Outdoor signs are no problem for these printers. HP Latex printers easily create banners and building wraps that hold against inclement weather. The versatile new HP Latex printers also make applications that dramatically stand out over a backlight.

As a fast and reliable printer, HP Latex also does vehicle wraps and exhibition prints with flawless precision. Shop prints now give high-quality results with window graphics in high-opacity white that won’t fade or turn yellow in the sun. Labels, stickers, and customized clothing also emerge with crisp image quality.

The HP latex printers extend well beyond storefront signs, with a new heating system that prints at lower temperatures. The technology allows you to print on a greater range of media faster, including heat-sensitive options. Print designs on window blinds and stretched canvases, wall coverings, and home décor textiles without the typical inky odor of any past printer.

Forge Ahead as HP Latex Printers Expand Horizons

HP offers the printing community flatbed printing options for business needs, as well. If your business needs to print media with a flatbed, consider the R range. In fact, some of the best options are the HP Latex R1000 Printer, HP Latex R2000 Printer, and HP Latex R1000 Plus.
HP Latex printers also allow you to print on custom PVC flooring and synthetic leather. Your printing business gains a distinct advantage in the HP Latex R1000 (and other printers in the R range), whether you need to print on flexible or rigid media.

The new take-up system in the 700 innovation guarantees reliable unattended printing. You’ll also discover that the international company can assist with a solution for your printing business, regardless of your country.

If you’re looking for print business solutions, you’ll soon discover why the HP 700 series provides an edge over other companies with PCS print business solutions. Print service providers having a growing appreciation for the signature white HP Latex ink. It won’t yellow, and offers a range of vivid colors with eco-friendly water-based HP Latex inks.

For this printer, HP Latex print shop accessories have increased in sustainability as customers become conscious of the effects long-term. HP found that 85% of print service providers wanted sustainable practices and products.

Even these new HP latex printers utilize the HP Eco Carton with 1 liter of water-based HP Latex ink and cardboard construction. It lowers the amount of plastic used in the product by 80%—a win for all involved.

Access For All Large-Format Printing Users

If you need to add cutting to your PCS business solutions, HP introduces a “Print and Cut” portfolio that integrates seamlessly with the Latex 800 and the Latex 700 options. These cutters come with RIP software that expedites the responsibilities of print jobs for more quality options.

With the HP Latex Knowledge Center and HP Smart Services, HP assists you in managing your technology. You can become more productive while HP technicians take care of any troubleshooting issues online.

All you need is a reliable and easy-to-use printer. HP Latex should work as well as any other printer when you need it, and the HP 700 and 800 models exceed these expectations. It brings a simple user interface to the table without sacrificing functionality.

The updated design of the new HP Latex series gives high-quality graphics with double the speed of previous HP models. The heater lifts up, which gives quick accessibility to the media and improves the loading experience.

The HP Latex series also offers print service providers the option of printing refined image quality anytime with mobile monitoring applications and cloud-based interface. HP offers robust support to bring the productivity of your business back online quickly if something goes wrong with your printer. HP Latex understands that printer downtime means potential business losses, so their product support and product support resources are reliable, including the HP Latex Knowledge Center for troubleshooting your equipment.

The Advantages of the new HP Printer

HP Latex introduces several new offerings in its 700 category that ensure results. The primary advantages include:

  • 35% faster printing with new printheads and nozzles
  • 6CMYKLcLM fourth-generation ink that’s cheaper
  • Optimizer and adjustable, scratch-resistant overcoat
  • Color consistency from panel to panel
  • Lower temperature printing serves heat-sensitive materials
  • Reliable unattended printing in the new take-up system
  • Media is easily accessible, and loading is simple with the heater lift feature
  • Signature whites for a versatile print offering

Other benefits include new ink features, support, and the Care Pack for your printer.

HP Latex Inks

The Latex 700 printer supports 6 ink palettes:

  1. Cyan
  2. Magenta
  3. Yellow
  4. Black
  5. Light Cyan
  6. Light Magenta
  7. Optimizer/Overcoat

These HP Latex inks increase your range without the odor of similar products. Odorless HP Latex inks are perfect for banners and other outdoor applications because of the non-fading white options. Water-based HP Latex inks are also less harmful to the environment, no matter your country.

HP Latex inks give you sturdy and durable results on an impressive variety of media and applications. The no-odor HP Latex inks withstand up to three years outdoors without lamination. Prints displayed indoors with HP Latex inks can last up to five years without lamination.

The range uses no-odor HP latex ink for more versatility in textiles applications. It lends durable, no-odor ink for whites that will not fade over time in the sun. This fact gives the company another advantage, and you will soon discover the difference it brings to your printer.

HP Latex finishes a print with dry ink, preventing odor and preserving the finishing touches on your graphics. You can also print at twice the speed of an older model HP machine.

Vehicle graphics don’t need an overcoat with lamination. The ink is also cheaper on the 800 than 570 series, and on the 700 compared to the 365 and 560 series.

Discover more possibilities of HP Latex inks as you offer customers unparalleled image quality on prints and graphics of their choosing. These HP Latex inks give your store the right tools for any project for your customers. They’ll quickly discover the ease of working with a PSP that uses water-based HP Latex inks and return for high-quality prints and textiles jobs.

Shop Printer & HP Latex Support

The water-based HP Latex inks aren’t the only attraction for the wider printing community—the product support resources and accessories support are also excellent. Any shop that has lost business when a printer is down for troubleshooting knows that these services are essential.

If you have a new printer, HP Latex Knowledge Center is invaluable. Tech-savvy shop owners can troubleshoot their equipment first, search HP.com, use the magnifying glass tab to find a solution, or explore the HP Latex Knowledge Center for any machine problem. The support pages in the HP Latex Knowledge Center can guide your shop through each repair for your printer.

HP Latex offers a search bar within the HP Latex Knowledge Center for a support search suggestion. You can click to find support pages. The HP Latex Knowledge Center also gives ideas to help the printing community find inspiration on more unique prints (the creative blog is a part of the Knowledge Center).

Tab key through the HP Latex blog for shop insights into how you can produce media with the best quality graphics. Articles on this page will show you more about color accuracy with HP Latex inks and tools for PCs and mobile devices.


These printers take advantage of technology troubleshooting with qualified support agents (for printers covered by HP Latex contractual service). It comes with tools that allow easy troubleshooting from your store, or remote channels for a solution.

The printing community appreciates the quality, advantage, and outstanding value of the HP Latex technicians. When the technician explores the issue with the technology in your shop, they will give you tools to come to a solution while you wait.

If your HP Latex technology specialist cannot discover a suitable solution for your HP Latex machines or print shop accessories over the phone, HP Latex still has a vast number of tools that will achieve the results you expect. You can also ask the HP Latex specialist for insights into how to improve your printer uptime.

Replacement Parts

The fact that your HP Latex printer technician might discover a serious issue with your HP latex printer is possible. Results include applications where HP Latex technicians expedite replacement parts to your PCS or give you the tools. The user-serviceability of HP Latex machines adds considerable value here.

Send the HP Latex defective part from the shop in your country back to the HP Latex shop for testing and further insights. There is a huge advantage when a qualified technician can discover the issue online, but this aspect lends a range of services for more serious problems.

Next-Day Engineer

The unfortunate fact is that HP Latex printer technicians don’t always have the insights necessary for a clear solution. An HP Latex printer specialist may not be able to provide a solution by expediting user-installable parts for your Latex printer, either. The next solution is an HP Latex printer engineer.

Whether for an HP Latex printer or HP Latex inks, an authorized printer technician can meet you at your location. The fact remains that servicing your current HP Latex printer is more cost-effective than replacing it with a new version, so this service is a great advantage. Your HP latex printer technician can have your Latex machine producing high-quality print jobs in no time.

HP Care Pack

The HP Care Pack is a warranty extension for your printer that uses HP Latex inks. It is available for the range of machines that use HP Latex inks, like the 700 and 800 models, as well as the R range (HP Latex R1000 printer, HP Latex R2000 printer, HP Latex R1000 Plus printers, and Latex ink printer options.

The HP Care Pack for HP Latex printers includes service for defective media retention, too. With this media retention printer service, you can keep the hard disk of your device if something is wrong with your HP product or printer. The media and graphics stored on your HP Latex printer hard drive will be safe, and you won’t have to replace your HP Latex device drive.

The Care Pack also includes high-quality technical phone assistance for your HP Latex device, replacement parts for your HP Latex device. It also has next-day HP Latex technicians, and HP Latex post-warranty services.

Choose your applications from HP.com or order from an HP Latex device sales representative.

Latex 700 Price

The 700 model is the most economic of the four new HP latex printers. Compared the to Latex 800, the 700 comes in almost 70% cheaper.

Currently, it costs $22,295.00 to purchase directly from HP. However, at NuSign Supply, we’re able to offer you large savings on individual printers.

Give us a call right now at (626) 961-7688 for incredible savings (more than 20%) on the Latex 700 while supplies last.

Why Choose HP?

At a list price of $22,295, HP Latex printing devices are a significant investment. The wide range of applications on your HP Latex printing jobs is the main drawcard. You can accept more client jobs and make graphics prints on an extensive textiles range.

The HP Latex ink makes your graphics pop without a residual odor. These no-odor textiles transfers are great when you need textiles graphics in fashion or home design.

The HP Latex range of applications is wide, and you can transfer graphics for virtually any applications with HP Latex devices, like the 700 and 800 models. The R range of products adds value, as well.

Despite the applications of your HP Latex device, white inks are a distinct advantage and stay vibrant. The water-based ink will also foster sustainability on all jobs. In applications where other machines are unable to produce graphics like HP Latex machines, your company can enjoy the HP advantage on your jobs.

With HP Latex machines, your customers enjoy the crisp graphics they expect on every project.

HP Latex 700 Technical Specs

For Printing

Print modes

  • 105 m² / h, maximum speed (1 pass)
  • 31 m² / h, high speed (4 passes)
  • 21 m² / h, fast production (6 passes)
  • 17 m² / hr, quality production, fabrics and backlit (8 passes)
  • 16 m² / hr, high saturation (12 passes)
  • 12 m² / hr, fabrics and highly saturated backlights (14 passes)

Print resolution

Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Ink types

Water-based HP Latex Inks

Ink cartridges

8 (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer, HP coating)

Cartridge size

1 L

Print heads

8 (2 cyan / black, 2 magenta / yellow, 2 light cyan / light magenta, 1 HP Latex Optimizer, 1 HP coating)

Repeatability oflong term impressions

95% of colors ≤ 1.5 dE2000

Print media


Feed roller, take-up reel, cleaning roller, automatic horizontal cutter (for vinyl, banners and canvases, paper-based media and film)

Media types

Banners, self-adhesive vinyls, films, fabrics, papers, wall coverings, canvases, materials synthetics, meshes, textiles

Roller size

254-1625mm rolls (580-1625mm rolls with full support)

Roll weight

55 kg

Roll diameter

250 mm


Up to 0.5mm


Banners; Exhibitors; Graphics for events and exhibitions; Exterior signage; Posters for interior; Interior decoration; Illuminated boxes – film; Illuminated boxes – paper; Murals; POP / POS; Posters; Fabrics; Vehicle graphics; Graphics for windows; Adhesives




Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)


Dimensions (width x depth x height)


2583 x 852 x 1402 mm


2800 x 1130 x 1270 mm

Operating area

2793 x 2100 mm




261 kg


362 kg


What’s in the box

HP Latex 700 Printer, printheads, maintenance cartridge, printer stand, spoolPickup, User Maintenance Kit, Edge Brackets, Quick Reference Guide, Installation Poster, documentation software, power cords, air vents, 2-inch shaft adapter

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature

15 to 30 ºC

Humidity offunctioning

20 to 80% RH non-condensing



Sound pressure

60 dB (A) (operating), 38 dB (A) (idle), <20 dB (A) (standby)

Sound power

7.8 B (A) (operating), 5.5 B (A) (inactive), <3.5 B (A) (suspended)




1.5-2.6 kW (5 kW maximum) (printing), 95 W (ready)


Input voltage (auto range) 200-240V (± 10%) two wires and PE; 50/60 Hz (± 3 Hz); two cables offeeding; 13 A max. printer power cord; 9 A max. by power cord for drying




According to IEC 60950-1 + A1 + A2; According to IEC 62368-1; United States and Canada (included in CSA); EU (according to LVD, EN 60950-1 and EN 62368-1); Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (AEC); China (CCC)


Conforms to Class A requirements, including: United States (FCC Rules), Canada (ICES), EU (Directive EMC), Australia and New Zealand (RCM), Japan (VCCI), Korea (KCC), China (CCC)


ENERGY STAR®; RoHS (WEEE, EU, UEAA, China, Korea, India, Ukraine, Turkey); REACH; EPEAT Silver; OSHA; Conforms to the CE mark; Meets AgBB criteria; VOC A + French; Greenguard Gold; UL Ecologist; ZDHC – level 1


One year limited hardware warranty



HP Latex 700 Spec Sheet (US_EN_Latex_700_Printer_Y0U22A.pdf, 648 Kb) [Download]

HP Large Format Services (HP_Large_Format_Services__700___800_.pdf, 412 Kb) [Download]

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