HP Latex 700W

  • New White Latex Ink
  • Low Maintenance


What You Should Know About the New HP Latex 700W Printer

The HP Latex 700W was released alongside the Latex 700.

Immediately, the biggest difference, and advantage, is that the Latex 700W, as well as the HP Latex 800W, offers a white ink printing.

The Latex 700 series have 1 liter ink boxes whereas the Latex 800 series have 3 liter ink boxes.

The HP Latex 700W boasts a fourth generation ink with 6CMYKLcLm along with an optimizer and overcoat and the ability to print in white, for a total of 9 cartridges of color. Overcoats make the prints scratch resistant and this feature can be turned on and off depending on the need.

For applications on vehicle graphics, overcoats will not be necessary (as the graphics will be laminated after).

As a business owner, your success is mostly reliant on catching potential customers’ attention, informing them of your products or services, and enticing them to buy. While much of this happens digitally, physical marketing collateral is still essential.

Latex printing allows you to share more details about your business with customers through visual marketing. Technology continues to improve, allowing high-quality printers and latex inks to create stunning visual displays to share with the world.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) remains at the forefront of latex printing technology with its innovative HP Latex 700 series printers. The company’s new take on latex printing boasts quick and efficient printing solutions for marketing with high accuracy and eco-friendly HP Latex media options. The HP Latex 700W offer customers the best that large-scale printing solutions to date.

HP Latex Printer 700 Series Benefits and Specifications

HP embraces technological advances to bring customers smart printing solutions with maximum efficiency. The HP Latex 700 series is no different. The system was designed to produce a high-quality print with easy user function.

This HP Latex product creates prints with the brightest white and vivid colors at high speed. The HP Latex print media also uses a pure black HP Latex ink to create a sharp contrast between varying hues. The HP Latex technology within the 700W printer will significantly improve your business edge by allowing you to generate high-value jobs.

The HP Latex 700W can generate quick print jobs in fully saturated color. In “outdoor” mode, the HP Latex printer can produce 334 ft2 prints an hour. In “indoor” mode, the device can print up to 226 ft2 an hour.

HP Latex print solutions also allow you to control the HP Latex printer remotely using HP PrintOS tools. These HP tools are print production operating systems that use cloud technology to tap into web and mobile apps.

This internet access grants you more freedom with printing. You and your team can design and manage HP Latex print jobs from your office or halfway around the world.

With each HP Latex printer, customers can process multiple jobs quickly or store up to 100 jobs for future HP Latex printing. The smart front panel and heater lifts allow users to load swiftly with ease. You will have full access to the media while loading, and the new HP Latex equipment can accommodate media rolls up to 121 pounds without a spindle. The HP Latex printer also has a new take-up system, so you can print materials without monitoring the printer operations.

Economics of the Latex 700W

Along with improvements in ink technology, HP has managed to reduce costs of inks.

Incredibly, ink on the Latex 700 series printers is cheaper than the inks for the Latex 360 and 560 models.

Finally, the 700 and 800 series latex printers boast faster printing speeds overall than the previous versions of their printers.

Uses for HP Latex Printers

With the HP Latex 700W printers, there’s no limit to printing opportunities. Whether you need a simple page of plain language or want to explore other print solutions for a business or event, these HP Latex printers can do it all.

Outdoor Banners and Event Posters

If you want to encourage people to attend an event or visit your business, you’ll need a high-profile marketing tool to reach your target audience. Prints for outdoor banners and posters using HP Latex printers allows you to produce high-quality, durable media with scratch resistance, thanks to the HP Latex overcoat.

No matter the weather, you can be sure your outdoor posters will retain their color and visibility in any region thanks to your HP latex printer.

Vehicle Graphics

Expand marketing possibilities with HP Latex vehicle graphics. This marketing includes lamination for additional protection on the road, so you can turn off your HP Latex printer’s overcoat ability until you need it again. With HP, your business can print graphics for an entire fleet in little time.


Enhance home decor designs by using 700W HP Latex printing to create beautiful textiles. With these printers, you can expand your business ventures into interior decorating and create items like fabric wall hangings, cushions, upholstery, and drapes. For example, you can use the HP Latex printer to incorporate original designs into synthetic and natural fibers like polyester and cotton.

Window Graphics

Draw attention to your shop or restaurant with HP Latex printed window graphics. Use the print to outline details about the latest sale or feature the business’s name and logo for all to see. Once ready, you can easily adhere the print to your window or glass door with top quality HP Latex sticker prints for maximum visibility.

Light Boxes

Backlit boxes add a sense of drama and flair to posters using light and translucent media. With HP Latex 700W printers, you can have a jaw-dropping display full of rich colors.

A quality light box and HP Latex print is perfect for ensuring that all of your marketing texts and images pop in all environments, even with low-visibility.

Interior Decor

Improve a business’s interior and create a lasting impression on customers with decor using HP Latex printing solutions. Create fantastic custom murals or wall coverings without touching a bucket of paint. You can also create an HP Latex print for canvases or decorative window blinds.

Point of Sale Signage

Get the most of your printing business by offering point of sale signs for vendors with an HP Latex 700W printer. With the vibrant coloration and stark white printing capabilities, you can create eye-catching promotional displays tailored to your customer’s needs.

HP Latex Printer Costs

The HP Latex 700W printer comes in at $26,695, a $4,000 increase from it’s 700 counterpart. While a significant investment, these HP printers are ideal for businesses with large format print jobs that require superior coloring, vibrant whites, and sharp contrasts.

Ink pricing is also essential. Each product takes HP Latex one-liter color ink boxes. The HP Latex 700 series also has white ink boxes.

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Inks for the 700W

The Latex 700W printer supports 7 ink palettes:

  1. Cyan
  2. Magenta
  3. Yellow
  4. Black
  5. Light Cyan
  6. Light Magenta
  7. White

Furthermore, you have the options of addding on optimizers and overcoats to your prints to increase their durability and color.

Water-Based HP Latex Ink Facts

HP not only prides itself in making quality latex printers and offering efficient printing solutions. HP also believes in sustainability, which is evident in their newest HP Latex printers and ink boxes.

HP Latex printers and HP Latex inks work in tandem to create consistent results and reliable performance. For a business, this level of dependability can lead to a reduction in downtime and product waste.

Though some non-latex ink cartridges are less costly than the one-liter boxes for HP Latex printers, the inferior inks can lead to everything from increased printhead replacements to frequent breakdowns and maintenance.

Besides excellent printing quality and consistency, the newest HP Latex inks have ecological benefits over typical plastic cartridges. Some aspects of an HP Latex printer’s water-based ink’s environmental profile are:

  • Odorless latex pigments with low chemical emissions
  • Safe usage without a need for hazard warnings
  • Ability to print on eco-conscious media, including recyclable and returnable materials

The box containers for HP Latex inks are also sustainable because they allow for recycling and consist of recycled materials like post-consumer ocean-bound plastics and paper.

As the brand’s fourth generation of HP Latex ink, the new printer pigments include an optimizer and overcoat. The HP Latex optimizer creates a sharp image at high speed without color bleeds, and the overcoat protects the print by making it scratch resistant. They contain the same water-based, eco-friendly ingredients as the new HP Latex inks.

Because the HP Latex ink will apply only a thin glossy layer of coloring over rigid media, you can preserve the life of your HP Latex printheads. You will never overwork them, and the ink technology will always create vibrant coloration without jeopardizing the feel of your chosen media, whether it’s paper or vinyl.

By choosing HP Latex inks, your business can stay within the HP warranty protection and freely use your HP Latex printer without concerns about expensive replacements or repairs.

HP Latex 700W Specifications

The dimensions for the HP Latex 700W printer are 101.7 x 33.6 x 55.2. It has a substantial weight of 589 pounds with a shipping weight of 811.3 pounds.

Code: Y0U23A

Weight: 261 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH): 258.3 cm x 85.2 cm x 140.2 cm

Maximum Roll Size: 162.6 cm

Minimum media size: 254 mm

Maximum media size: 1626 mm

Maximum resolution (B&W): 1200 x 1200 dpi

Maximum resolution (Color): 1200 x 1200 dpi

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • The HP Latex 700W Printer
  • HP Latex printer stand
  • Printheads
  • User maintenance kit and cartridge
  • Reference guide
  • Power cord
  • Edge holders
  • Water-based HP Latex ink
  • Documentation Software

This HP Latex item offers the same high-quality 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with a maximum media width of 64 inches or 1.63 meters. The HP Latex printer takes the following one-liter boxes of water-based HP Latex inks:

  • Cyan
  • Light magenta
  • Magenta
  • Black
  • Light cyan
  • Yellow
  • White
  • HP latex optimizer
  • HP overcoat

Unlike other HP Latex printer options, the 700W printer has 10 printheads, including two light cyan/magenta and two cyan/black. The new HP Latex printheads are exceptionally durable and create more consistent color saturation throughout the latex print. The new printheads in the HP Latex 700W include more nozzles, meaning you can print high-quality media up to 35% faster.

Though it delivers a stunning display of saturated colors, this HP Latex printer is best for printing media that features white coloring.

A common issue with printers and white pigments is that they will produce muddy whites from unclean printheads over time. However, the new HP Latex printer automatically recirculates and cleans its printheads after each use. The result is a vibrant white every time.


Like other HP Latex printers, the Latex 700 is great for vinyl, film, wallpaper, and poster paper.

It’s a very versatile printer and uses a versatile latex ink.

The HP Latex 700W has 10 printing modes, including:

  • Production-quality backlits and textiles
  • White overflood
  • High saturation

Support from HP

HP is offering HP Service Contracts for the 700 and 800 series printers.

These Service Contracts offer 4 types of service features and there are two types of Service Contracts.

You can choose from Full Support for your printer, or choose a Parts Coverage.

The difference is that with the Full Support, you also get support with a Next Business Day Engineer Intervention if things ever hit the fan.

The three other service feature you get with Full Support (and the entirety of the Parts Coverage) are:

  1. Technical Phone Support Service
  2. Replacement Parts
  3. Flexible Terms

About HP Latex Large Printing Service for 700 Series

When you invest in large format prints with the HP Latex 700W printers, you can keep your business and equipment running efficiently with HP Services. By receiving timely professional HP support for your new HP Latex printer, you will have more time to focus on other areas without worrying about your printing hardware.

Choosing an HP Latex printer support service means you can get complete solutions to any issue you have with your HP Latex product. HP engineers and support staff will work with you to identify your printing needs and create customized solutions for current and future latex printer applications.

With HP assistance, you will have an edge against your competitors because you will have less downtime with your HP Latex printer and more opportunities to enhance its functionality and image quality.

HP Care Packs

When you purchase an HP Latex Printer from the 700 series, you can take part in HP Care Packs. This is an HP support service that extends the product’s warranty.

For the 700W HP Latex printers, HP Care includes:

  1. Remote phone support
  2. HP replacement parts
  3. Next day onsite engineer troubleshooting
  4. Post-warranty assistance for HP products
  5. Defective media retention to keep critical information from the HP Latex printer on a hard disk

HP Printer Service Contracts

You can get contractual service solutions with your HP latex device. The company provides flexible HP Latex printer support and solutions, including monthly payments, evergreen print solutions, and fleet management.

Choose between two base contractual support options:

  • Full Support: With this option, you will have complete peace of mind with unlimited onsite repairs, phone support, HP Latex printer updates, and printer software updates during the contract term.
  • Parts Coverage: If you prefer an entry-level contract to cover a replacement part at a low cost, this option is best. It comes with unlimited replacement parts and unlimited remote support for any HP Latex printer problem.

HP Support Process

When you need quality solutions for your HP Latex 700W printer issues, you can receive real-time assistance. If you have a contract, you can log your product issue with an agent who will attempt to troubleshoot your issue remotely. If they can fix it, they will provide you with detailed instructions to resolve the matter.

For solutions that involve damaged or faulty parts, the company will quickly ship the HP Latex part you need to restore optimal functionality with your HP Latex printers. If the new components don’t solve the problem, HP will send a qualified technician to handle the problem directly.

Recapping the HP Latex 700W

With the HP Latex 700W printers, you can expect to deliver high-profile media images and vibrant texts in rich colors. Using the latest technology in the country, feel free to apply latex print to various applications, including wall coverings, exterior and interior banners, and vehicle graphics.

Best of all, the HP Latex eco-friendly inks apply a thin, scratch-resistant coating to many materials without affecting the media’s texture or coloration, making for high-quality graphic capabilities.

Latex 700W Specs


Printing modes

  • 1130 ft²/hr – Max Speed (1-pass)
  • 334 ft²/hr – High Speed (4-pass)
  • 226 ft²/hr – Production Fast (6-pass)
  • 183 ft²/hr – Production Quality, Textiles and Backlits (8-pass)
  • 172 ft²/hr – High Saturation (12-pass)
  • 129 ft²/hr – High Saturation Backlits and Textiles (14-pass)
  • 183 ft²/hr – White Spot (60%)
  • 99 ft²/hr – White Overflood (60%)
  • 32 ft²/hr – White Underflood (100%)
  • 22 ft²/hr – 3 Layers Day & Night (160%)

Print resolution

Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Ink types

Water-based HP Latex Inks

Ink cartridges

9 (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, white, HP Latex Optimizer, HP Overcoat)

Cartridge size

1 L


10 (2 cyan/black, 2 magenta/yellow, 2 light cyan/light magenta, 2 white, 1 HP Latex Optimizer, 1 HP Overcoat)

Long-term print-to-print repeatability

95% of colors ≤ 1.5 dE2000



Roll feed, take-up reel, wiper roller , automatic horizontal cutter (for vinyl, banner and canvas , paperbased media, and film)
Media types Banners, self-adhesive vinyls, films, fabrics, papers, wall coverings, canvas, synthetics, mesh, textiles
Roll size 10 to 64-in rolls (23 to 64-in rolls with full support)

Roll weight

121 lb

Roll diameter 9.8 in

Thickness Up to 19.7 mil


Banners; Displays; Exhibition and event graphics; Exterior signage; Indoor posters; Interior decoration;
Light boxes – film; Light boxes – paper; Murals; POP/POS; Posters; Textile; Vehicle graphics; Window
graphics; Stickers



Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)

Dimensions (w x d x h)


101.7 x 33.6 x 55.2 in


110.2 x 44.5 x 50 in

Operating area

110 x 82.7 in



589 lb


811.3 lb

What’s in the box

HP Latex 700 W Printer, printheads, maintenance cartridge, printer stand, take-up reel, user
maintenance kit, edge holders, quick reference guide, setup poster, documentation software, power
cords, air purgers, 2-in spindle adaptor

Environmental ranges

Operating temperature

59 to 86ºF

Operating humidity

20 to 80% RH (non-condensing)


Sound pressure

60 dB(A) (operating), 38 dB(A) (idle), <20 dB(A) (sleep)

Sound power

7.8 B(A) (operating), 5.5 B(A) (idle), <3.5 B(A) (sleep)


Consumption 1.5-2.6 kW (5 kW peak) (printing), 95 W (ready)
Requirements Input voltage (auto ranging) 200-240 V (±10%) two wires and PE; 50/60 Hz (±3 Hz); two power cords;
13 A max printer power cord; 9 A max curing power cord



IEC 60950-1+A1+A2 compliant; IEC 62368-1 compliant; USA and Canada (CSA listed); EU (LVD, EN
60950-1 and EN 62368-1 compliant); Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan (EAC); China (CCC)


Compliant with Class A requirements, including: USA (FCC rules), Canada (ICES), EU (EMC Directive),
Australia and New Zealand (RCM), Japan (VCCI), Korea (KCC), China (CCC)


ENERGY STAR®; RoHS (WEEE, EU, EAEU, China, Korea, India, Ukraine, Turkey); REACH; EPEAT Silver;
OSHA; CE marking compliant; Meets AgBB criteria; French VOC A+; Greenguard Gold; UL Ecologo; ZDHC
– Level 1


One-year limited hardware warranty


HP Latex 700W Spec Sheet (US_EN_Latex_700W_Printer_Y0U23A.pdf, 733 Kb) [Download]

HP Large Format Services (HP_Large_Format_Services__700___800_.pdf, 412 Kb) [Download]

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