HP Latex 800


HP Latex 800 Printer Review

The HP Latex 800 is entering the professional printer market with superior print quality, an advanced ink system, higher printing speed, and a wide range of compatible media.

HP Latex 800 users can enjoy comprehensive product support resources, a helpful customer care center, and many improved printer features for competitive print business solutions.

HP Latex 800 lets you create high-value projects with excellent accuracy and minimal ink wastage.

While the Latex 700 offers a 1-Liter box ink, the Latex 800 series triples down with a large 3-Liter ink box.

Unlimited Printing Potential

With HP Latex 800, the sky is the limit in printing. Graphics professionals who choose this printer model can enjoy flexible print business solutions and an endless array of applications, including:

  • Outdoor displays such as banners, building covers, event signage, and more
  • Vehicle graphics and wraps
  • Stunning customized set packaging: HP Latex inks are flexible and enable bending and folding with little to no cracking
  • Promotional graphics and displays, high-end print shop accessories, and point-of-purchase posters
  • Eye-catching backlit applications with vivid colors and sharp contrasts
  • Canvases, wall coverings, window blinds, and decorations
  • High-quality outdoor signage with excellent adhesion and superior scratch resistance

The advanced latex printing technology gives high definition and stunning, vibrant colors in any application.

Durable, flexible latex inks support color uniformity in all campaigns and enable cutting and assembling without chipping.

Ease of Use

Latex printers are durable, damage-resistant, and easy to use and maintain. The HP Latex 800 comes with a variety of user-friendly features such as:

  • A raisable curing model that enables speedy spindle-less loading and facilitates media access
  • A smart front panel for quick, easy operation and instant reprints
  • Storage capacity of up to 100 jobs
  • User-replaceable printheads
  • Economic, cost-effective 3L ink cartridges that the operator can change while the printer is running.
  • Smooth, efficient print control access from any location with HP PrintOS
  • Lower frequency of issues such as a paper jam

Media Versatility

The HP Latex 800 printer can support a wide range of media, including:

  • Indoor poster papers: HP Premium Poster Paper, HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper, HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matter Paper, and HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper
  • Films, such as HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene and HP Backlit Polyester Film
  • Self-adhesive vinyls like HP Permanent Matte
  • Textiles
  • A variety of unconventional media, including acrylic, aluminum, wood, glass, and ceramic

The durable, thin coat of ink the HP Latex 800 produces is ideal for preserving the texture and feel of the substrate. Keep in mind that the wide variety of media profiles may affect the final product’s odor and other qualities.

Advanced Heating System

The HP Latex 800 printers and related devices have a radiant heating system with a responsive temperature sensor. This module provides heat to dry the fresh paint and cure the latex film.

The heating system operates in a set of two parts:

  • The drying system assemblies heat the print zone and speed up the removal of ink carrier elements.
  • The curing system module provides heat for curing the latex film using a combination of fans to blow hot air on the curing area.

The HP Latex 800 heating system features a safety thermostat and works at lower temperatures, which gives it a distinct advantage in working with heat-sensitive media.

Automatic Monitoring

The printer comes with a drop detector module that automatically monitors each print nozzle’s condition. Additionally, an embedded spectrophotometer module on the printer carriage gives color calibration. This guarantees consistent color and image quality.

Warning: While the HP Latex 800 printer is easy to use and service, the printer heating system, safety thermostat, and internal circuits operate at dangerous voltages and may cause serious injury or death in cases of mishandling. Always follow instructions, pay attention to error messages on the front panel, and take all necessary precautions with printer service.

For your safety:

  • Monitor the temperature sensor
  • Ensure that the AC power outlet has a protective ground terminal
  • Disconnect the device from power before performing any printer maintenance
  • Make sure no water or liquids come in contact with the printer’s circuits or electrical components

Customer Support

HP registered accounts can enjoy various advanced support resources through the customer care center, access useful information, enhance productivity, and gain effective solutions. This registration option gives you peace of mind if you are not tech-savvy. For everything from a small paper jam to computer message errors, you can get the help you need direct to your email address.

HP PrintOS: Business Account Operations Control and Support

HP PrintOS enables you to manage your printing operations on all devices from anywhere in the world, in almost any language. It provides ready information access for any product model name and multiple contact options for support cases.

The advanced cloud-based system allows quick search help tips, easy remote account configuration, and complete control over production. Multiple product support resources provide effective print business solutions.

HP PrintOS features include:

  • Frequently updated information-driven feedback and insight for more evidence-based decisions and optimized performance
  • PrintOS configuration center for remote configuration from any location, with individual accounts support and recommendations
  • Automatic backups that make it easy to restore printer and media configurations
  • Straightforward website integration and a smooth customer experience
  • HP Applications center with a wide content library for any product name, easy information access, automated job creation, order management and support for any product name, and a 3D preview feature
  • A handy PrintOS mobile app with quick search help tips that allow the user to view print status and the completed job, diagnose any printer issue, check warranty information, receive customized advice and support, and keep full control over printing based on individual preferences
  • HP Media Locator that can provide search results and download HP-certified media profiles for paper, film, and textiles to ensure excellent print quality, optimal ink adhesion, and correct color profiling
  • PrintOS Service Center with real-time information updates and easy tracking of all service cases in one portal
  • High-edge cloud security support and full data protection

Imaging and Printing Services

Print business owners need to be sure that their print operation always functions smoothly. Customers who want enhanced warranty coverage and quick problem resolution can register for the HP Large Format Printing Service.

This service includes product support options and resources like:

  • Technical phone support for questions about HP devices, contracts, warranties, and other issues
  • Replacement parts, such as the front panel or tray
  • Print shop accessories support
  • Next business day engineer support
  • Extra support features according to the business account preferences and product name

Multiple Support Options in the HP Customer Support Knowledge Base

HP customers can take advantage of the customer support and knowledge base center that offers several contact options with convenient resources such as:

  • Virtual Agent is a computer message away to answer any questions and update issue or information for any product model name
  • Instant Ink: viewing and managing account details and support cases for enrolled accounts
  • Warranty information check to easily manage your account
  • HP Diagnostic Solutions for common printing or PC issues
  • Product support resources to check repair status for products
  • Quick search results for an authorized HP Service Center near you to take care of any printer issue

Why choose the 800 over the 700?

Let’s take a look at the major differences between the Latex 800 and the Latex 700.

Print Speeds

The first, and most apparent differences are in the printing speeds. If you are looking for a printer that can support faster productions, you would be slightly more inclined to work with the 800.

The max speed of the 800 clocks in at 1313 sq ft per hour, 16% faster than the 1130 sq ft per hour max speed of the 700. However, this is with at a 1 pass. At 14-passes, the 800 clocks in at 151 sq ft per hour compared to the 700’s 129 sq ft per hour. A 17% speed advantage at the slowest setting.

Latex printing allows quick, top quality same-day prints thanks to the revolutionary technology that enables prints to come out dry.

The HP Latex 800 printer has a micro-recirculation printhead that constantly keeps the ink in print-ready condition, enables reliable image quality, and increases speed. The new series is up to 35% faster than the older HP Latex models.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that printing speed can vary because of an adaptive mechanism that preserves image quality, ensures color consistency between panels, and prevents printing defects.


Both printers tie for resolutions, going up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Check out the video below for a cool demo of the two printers.

Print Quality

The HP Latex 800 model is the latest and greatest in print shop accessories, offering innovative ink technology that graphics professionals love. The model’s print system operates smoothly thanks to advanced features like a sensitive ink pressure sensor board and an ISM ink circuit module.

Latex printing is quick, precise, and versatile. The technology suits a wide variety of applications, including billboards, wallpaper, vehicle wraps, displays, posters, and more. It enables unmatched image and text sharpness. This process provides great results on every suitable substrate, such as paper, vinyl, and textiles.

Odorless, safe, eco-friendly ink

An innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer technology enables the production of safe, odorless water-based latex inks. HP Latex inks do not contain HAPs or ozone and do not need hazard warning labels.

This makes latex prints an optimal solution for indoor applications, especially in people-dense environments such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, and retail outlets, where exposure to toxic solvent-based inks may be a concern.

HP Latex inks suit a wide variety of eco-conscious media. The final print product is non-hazardous, recyclable, and safe for disposal. The ink set comes in high-volume, easily recyclable eco-carton containers.

Most HP ink cartridges contain a significant amount of recycled plastic. Used ink cartridges can be recycled in eligible locations.


An avant-garde overcoat option makes latex prints more durable and scratch-resistant. The user can enable this optional feature depending on the project requirements.

For example, heavy-use long-term applications, such as vehicle graphics, may not need an overcoat finish as they will undergo lamination. Short-term displays, like event banners and sale pop-ups, may benefit from the support of an overcoat layer as a quick, affordable replacement for lamination.


Sharp contrast

HP Latex inks provide vivid colors and unprecedentedly sharp image contrast that enables graphics professionals to upgrade their stickers, wraps, banners, displays, and window signage.

Rigid media prints

The HP Latex 800 printer series is ideal for working with rigid media thanks to ink composition and printing technology.

HP Latex ink system set includes three components:

  • Ink optimizer
  • Color made of aqueous solution + pigment + latex
  • Transparent overcoat of latex + anti-scratch agent

The optimizer fixes the color instantly, and the overcoat solution provides an anti-scratch protective layer. The component set is applied in a single speedy process. Then the water content evaporates as the ink goes through a near-instant curing stage.

Thanks to the low curing temperatures, prints on rigid media result in a smooth, durable layer of ink that perfectly preserves the substrate qualities.

Ink Cartridges

Both the 700 and the 800 take the same types of ink cartridges. The two printers take 8 cartridges (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer, HP Overcoat). The overcoat is easily swappable in and out with HP’s new feature that lets you choose whether you want the overcoat on your prints or not.

The printer uses eight ink cartridges:
• Black
• Cyan
• Light Cyan
• Light magenta
• Magenta
• Yellow
• HP Latex Optimizer
• HP Overcoat

The major difference between the 700 & 800 vs the 700W and 800W is the ability to print in white. This is one of the major competitive advantages that the 700W and the 800W printers bring to the market.

Latex 800 Cartridge Size

The first major difference comes in the form of ink boxes. While the 700 only supports 1-L ink boxes, the Latex 800 will take a 3-L box. This means that you can be absent from production for 3 times the volume of print. If you are printing large productions and find that managing the printer is pulling resources away from other valuable opportunities, the 800 might be the better fit just for its ink capacity.

Cost of HP Latex 800

Of course, another major difference are the prices of the two printers. The 800 is about 70% more expensive than the 700. However, our exclusive discounts can give you huge discounts for individual printers. If you’re looking to buy the HP Latex 800 but find that it’s just too expensive, give us a call at (626) 961-7688 and ask for our discounts.

White ink

HP Latex 800W white ink gives a superior quality of glossy, non-fading white that solves various problems common to conventional white printer inks, like yellowing, ink wastage, and high maintenance cost.

The HP Latex white ink system is almost completely waste-free and suits all media types, including paper, textiles, wood, and acrylics.

How does this work?

White ink has a higher density compared to other types of ink, which may cause excessive thickening when not in use. The HP Latex 800 printers use a method of constant pumping through the ink system that keeps the white ink cartridges print-ready at all times.

It is easy to remove the white printhead and store it in an offline rotation chamber when not in use. This ensures the white ink remains in perfect condition between projects.

This solution is a significant improvement compared to conventional technology that requires frequent printhead cleanings and a waste of ink.

The Bottom Line

The HP Latex 800 printer series unites all the advantages of latex printing, including superior image quality, unsurpassed sharpness, smooth color transitions, high speed, and media versatility.

The 800 model is easy to operate and maintain. It gives a wide range of possibilities for a print business and can help graphics professionals expand their client database.

Overall, this printer from the HP Development Company is a worthwhile investment for professionals who want superb, consistent, reliable results in a wide range of applications.

HP Latex 800 Technical Specs and Details

Feel free to download and use our spec sheet for the 800 above.


Printing modes

  • 1313 ft²/hr – Max Speed (1-pass)
  • 388 ft²/hr – High Speed (4-pass)
  • 269 ft²/hr – Production Fast (6-pass)
  • 215 ft²/hr – Production Quality, Textiles and Backlits (8-pass)
  • 183 ft²/hr – High Saturation (12-pass)
  • 151 ft²/hr – High Saturation Backlits and Textiles (14-pass)

Print resolution

Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Ink types

Water-based HP Latex Inks

Ink cartridges

8 (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer, HP Overcoat)

Cartridge size

3 L


8 (2 cyan/black, 2 magenta/yellow, 2 light cyan/light magenta, 1 HP Latex Optimizer, 1 HP Overcoat)

Long-term print-to-print repeatability

95% of colors ≤ 1.5 dE2000


In a nutshell:

  • Handling: Roll feed, take-up reel, wiper roller3, automatic horizontal cutter
  • Roll size: 10 to 64-inch rolls
  • Roll weight: 121 lb
  • Roll diameter: 9.8 inches
  • Thickness: Up to 19.7 mm


Roll feed, take-up reel, wiper roller , automatic horizontal cutter (for vinyl, banner and canvas , paperbased media, and film)

Media types

Banners, self-adhesive vinyls, films, fabrics, papers, wall coverings, canvas, synthetics, mesh, textiles

Roll size

10 to 64-in rolls (23 to 64-in rolls with full support)

Roll weight

121 lb

Roll diameter

9.8 in


Up to 19.7 mil


You can use the HP Latex 800 for:

  • Banners
  • Displays
  • Exhibition and event graphics
  • Exterior signage
  • Indoor posters
  • Interior decoration
  • Lightboxes for film and paper
  • Murals
  • Point of sale/point of purchase displays
  • Posters
  • Textiles
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Stickers



Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)

Dimensions (w x d x h)

The HP printer is 101.7 inches wide, 34.1 inches deep, 55.2 inches high.


101.7 x 34.1 x 55.2 in


108.4 x 43.3 x 65.6 in

Operating area

110 x 82.7 in



644 lb


948 lb

What’s in the box

HP Latex 800 Printer, printheads, maintenance cartridge, printer stand, take-up reel, user maintenance kit, edge holders, quick reference guide, setup poster, documentation software, power cords, air purgers, 2-in spindle adaptor

Environmental ranges

Operating temperature

59 to 86ºF

Operating humidity

20 to 80% RH (non-condensing)


Sound pressure

60 dB(A) (operating), 38 dB(A) (idle), <20 dB(A) (sleep)

Sound power

7.8 B(A) (operating), 5.5 B(A) (idle), <3.5 B(A) (sleep)



1.8-2.8 kW (5 kW peak) (printing), 105 W (ready)


Input voltage (auto ranging) 200-240 V (±10%) two wires and PE; 50/60 Hz (±3 Hz); two power cords; 16 A max per power cord



IEC 60950-1+A1+A2 compliant; IEC 62368-1 compliant; USA and Canada (CSA listed); EU (LVD, EN 60950-1 and EN 62368-1 compliant); Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan (EAC); China (CCC)


Compliant with Class A requirements, including: USA (FCC rules), Canada (ICES), EU (EMC Directive), Australia and New Zealand (RCM), Japan (VCCI), Korea (KCC), China (CCC)


ENERGY STAR®; RoHS (WEEE, EU, EAEU, China, Korea, India, Ukraine, Turkey); REACH; EPEAT Silver; OSHA; CE marking compliant; Meets AgBB criteria; French VOC A+; Greenguard Gold; UL Ecologo; ZDHC – Level 1


One-year limited hardware warranty


HP Latex 800 Spec Sheet (US_EN_Latex_800_Printer_Y0U21A.pdf, 709 Kb) [Download]

HP Large Format Services (HP_Large_Format_Services__700___800_.pdf, 412 Kb) [Download]

Additional information