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HP Latex R2000 Plus

HP has released another reliable printer offering with its HP Latex R2000 Plus printer. It promises the features and functionality you need, and an offering with the glossiest white products, reliable printer drive, and long-lasting color gamut. Our HP Latex R2000 review will provide you with all the information you need to know about the printer, as well as a few helpful comparisons to facilitate your purchasing decision. 

The New HP Latex R Printer Series

If you’re looking for excellent value for money, you’ll find what you need in the R2000 printer. HP Latex R Printer series provides one of the most versatile pieces of machinery with unprecedented quality and vibrant HP Latex color form. From the banners and posters to the branded graphics people use on vehicles, there is no job Latex printers cannot handle.

On top of incredible versatility, the design of the new HP Latex R printer series will expand your offering and streamline your printing needs. It is geared towards helping you meet production peaks without compromising on image quality or sale price.

It is Not All About Item Price

HP builds its printers for the best possible results, coupled with an unbeatable HP Latex color gamut, sleek latex overcoat, and fair price. An HP Latex printer will expand your offering with the glossiest white ink and other colors. 

Both the rigid and flexible media compatible with an HP Latex printer is under continuous improvement. Your business would be able to service a variety of application areas and provide more professional results in optimum time.

HP Latex printers are ahead of the competition for several reasons, and it isn’t all about the pricing.

More Business Opportunities

You can use any HP Latex printer for indoor and outdoor signage, and with products such as wall coverings, interior decorations, billboards, and vehicle wraps. HP Latex inks are also odorless, a common requirement for clients like health clinics and hospitals. You will be able to handle projects that you might not have been able to complete with other printers, with new substrates like wood, and unprecedented quality and colors.

Eco-Friendly Plus Printer

HP Latex inks give the printers better scope for eco-solvent technology. Water-based HP Latex inks are not flammable and lack dangerous air pollutants. Special ventilation is unnecessary, and it provides your employees with a safer working environment.

The advantage of eco-friendly products is also the extra selling point among customers who prefer to work with businesses that are conscious of their carbon footprint, whether in a menu search, shipping, or the glossiest white ink in HP Latex color gamut.

Fast High-Quality Results

An HP Latex printer meets production peaks without weakening the design plus printer. HP Latex inks dry instantly, allowing you to provide your clients with printed items in record time. Your business will meet production peaks without compromising on quality so that you can take in more work and deliver reliable products to your clients consistently.


Compared to eco-solvent printers, the ink cartridge that the new HP Latex R printer series is reliable, and the ink dries much quicker. It allows you to master production peaks in a short period and supports your customers with competitive pricing.

The color and black-and-white ink cartridges are more eco-friendly than the solvents in other types of commercial printers. In this printer series, the HP Latex R1000 Plus printer and the HP Latex R2000 are other ideal options for business owners who are trying to be more environmentally aware.

The new HP Latex R printer series creates scratch-resistant prints in a vibrant HP Latex color gamut that is sure to impress. The ink colors are crystal clear, and it does not generate the types of fumes synonymous with other large printers. 

The long-lasting results are a highlight of the new HP Latex R printer series, and the material you use does affect your image results or lifespan, even on new substrates like wood. 

Reviews of HP Latex R2000 Printer

Take your printing to a whole new level thanks to the HP Latex R2000 printer and its much-improved features. The HP Latex R series printer provides you with smart printing functionality and fair pricing.

The HP Latex R2000 printer offers you modern solutions that make it possible for you to print high-quality images on flexible and rigid materials. The HP Latex R series printer offers unprecedented quality and colors for intense finishes.

The recent changes made to the HP R2000 printer’s software boost productivity and efficiency. There have been major improvements in various areas, including automatic updates and queue management. The HP R2000 printer’s loading process is much better, and its handling of multi-sheet printing materials more efficient.

The HP Latex R2000 Plus printer can also work with various applications, such as printed thermoforming, POP corrugated displays, and custom short-run packaging. Its proactive alerts and preventive services will also put this printer series on your wishlist.

List the HP R2000 Plus printer model highly; most customers love that it comes with maintenance, white ink upgrade, pH cleaning kits, R2R adapter, print heads, a printing kit, extension tables, and more.

Specifications of the HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer

HP Latex R2000 Plus printer weighs around 3500 pounds and measures 201 by 80 by 69 inches (width, diameter, height). It can reach up to 143 inches in diameter when you include the output and standard input tables.

Link to HP Latex R2000 Plus Spec Sheet.

It comes with nine 5-liter ink cartridges (magenta, cyan, black, yellow, light cyan, white, and HP Latex Overcoat and Optimizer). The printer also includes 10560 print head nozzles and eight print heads, including magenta/yellow, cyan/black, HP Latex Overcoat, light cyan and magenta, and two white and HP Latex Optimizer print heads.

The optimal operating environmental ranges are between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (operating temperature) and between 20 and 70% RH (for operating humidity).

It can handle a wide variety of media types, including both rigid and flexible substrates:

  • New substrates like wood
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Compressed cardboard
  • Honeycomb and corrugated board
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic and paper foamboard
  • Polycarbonate and polystyrene
  • PVC foam
  • Aluminum composite panel 

The HP Latex R2000 Plus printer can handle flexible substrates such as:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • PVC banner
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Canvas
  • Non-porous textile
  • Coated paper



While piezo inkjet technology is common in a printer, HP Latex R2000 Plus has thermal inkjet heads at its core. The technology was initially intended for desktop printers, but more than sufficient for industrial applications, including high-speed web presses.

The HP Latex ink is water-based, heat-cured, and uses thermosetting polymers. The technology is what HP refers to as Latex, and follows a similar principle to the inks used in Landa’s Nanography process.

The company has gone further and adapted the OMAS vision system on the roll-fed new HP Latex machines. The system already ensured accurate print registration, but now it is implantable in a belt-driven hybrid. It allows the R2000 Plus to achieve the image standard and dot placement of true flatbeds.


Considering the endless substrate options in rigid and flexible media, the model has vastly improved its usability. You can easily try new HP Latex techniques on rigid and flexible printing materials, creating interesting media profiles. It also seamlessly transitions from a generic profile to a customized one through curing temperature, controlling the number of print passes, and tailoring HP Latex ink limits.

Comparisons and Improvements on Previous HP Printer Models

The main difference between the HP Latex R2000 Plus and other HP printers is the presence of the more vibrant HP latex color, including the glossiest white HP Latex ink. Another unique feature is its ability to handle rigid and flexible boards and sheets.

With the R2000 Plus printer, HP Latex R2000 has been able to get some of the glossiest white ink effects with an HP Latex overcoat. It functions in a thermal printhead by continually recirculating the ink to prevent the pigments from settling, and the resulting colors are exquisite. 

The company also added a storage component to prevent unused whiteheads from clogging. It is included in the HP Latex R2000 Plus printer price along with guarantees that the white HP Latex ink is non-yellowing and as good as the UV white opacity.

Manual: HP Latex R2000 Plus

Every business owner has this kind of printer high on their wishlist. List the new HP Latex R printer series on your priorities, and you’ll meet production peaks without compromising unprecedented quality and colors.

Link to HP Latex R2000 Plus Manual.

White HP Latex Ink and Other Colors

One of the R2000 Plus’ key selling points is the use of HP Latex inks instead of UV versions. When you compare the two, Latex is a thinner ink layer that capitalizes on the different rigid and flexible printing materials. The HP Latex ink helps you to achieve amazing colors, and the results last.

The cost is that the glossiest white ink and other Latex inks are water-based. Other 5-liter ink cartridges might be cheaper, but the 5-liter ink cartridges here are superior. It also tends to need frequent printhead replacement, increasing maintenance efforts and downtime.

The water-based HP Latex inks that the R2000 Plus printers use preserve your printheads, achieve amazing colors, and consistently produce high-standard results. It minimizes downtime and reduces running costs, which counteracts any deficiencies with the glossiest white ink features. 

Operational Features

HP has loaded the Latex R2000 Plus with unique features, such as HP Media Locator and HP PrintOS.

HP Media Locator provides a comprehensive list of all the compatible media with your HP Latex R2000 Plus printer, printer settings, and color profiles. You can find media solutions quickly, including operability, profiling, and optimal ink adhesion.

The HP PrintOS is a cloud-based operating system facilitating:

  • Complete control over your production to stay on top of printing when you are away from your printer. You can also receive data-driven insights to allow for continuous improvements and better decision making.
  • Remote configuration of your substrate, which curbs the previously repetitive and more time-consuming processes. Backups are automatic, so you can restore configurations quickly.
  • Growth opportunities through integrating design tools into your business website and launching online-print business capabilities.

PrintOS contains several features, including:

  • PrintOS Print Beat for monitoring print production remotely and accessing updated printer job information.
  • PrintOS Mobile App to connect to your print server, monitor printer status to view completed jobs, and identify printing errors.
  • PrintOS Configuration Center for the ability to configure your printer from anywhere. It also offers automatic backups and real-time recommendations.
  • PrintOS Service Center makes it possible for you to access real-time status updates and remote support, which allow you to increase printer uptime. You can also open and track all service cases in one convenient portal. 


Exceptional Versatility

HP provides you with an extensive range of materials to broaden your versatility while elevating your product’s quality. The company offers three media programs, including Certified media, ColorPRO Technology, and large-format printing materials (all to save you on time and improve the print).

Materials with the ColorPRO Technology trademark demonstrate a visibly enhanced print quality. It is designed with HP Latex inks and printers. The range creates ample opportunity to expand your offering with the glossiest products and unlock additional revenue streams, thanks to several new application areas for your business.

Print and cut window and floor graphics, with durable vehicle wraps.

  • Print outdoor banners for an event or a building cover.
  • Print textiles with new and durable designs.
  • Print decorations for profit potential with high-quality window blinds, wallcoverings, canvases, and more.


The Bottom Line

Capitalizing on the technological offerings and smart printing processes of the HP Latex R2000 Plus can boost efficiency and profitability, taking business to a whole new level. With the Latex R2000 printer, HP has provided incredible engineering with massive product potential and reliable customer service.

The company will facilitate your printer’s installation and offer the training you will need, whether for HP Latex overcoat basics or more complex operations. You will also have access to an account management team and a dedicated local engineer to boost your productivity and optimize your operation.

It’s not every day you get your hands on a reliable, cutting-edge product like the HP Latex R2000 Plus. The added customer support makes opting for this product a choice no business owner would regret, regardless of the item’s sale price.

High quality, increased productivity, and colors on rigid up to 98 inches

The HP r2000 Flatbed Printer’s advanced engineering includes the following features:

  • High-speed and continuous loading up to 88 sqm/h or 947 sqf/h
  • High accuracy belt system with 14 automatic chambers that are independent
  • Reliable and flexible printing up to 100kg rolls, using assets from the current portfolio
  • Redesigned HP Latex Inks that accomplish vibrant color gamut on rigid while still preserving the gloss and feel of the media
  • Easy loading
  • Newest HP Latex Overcoat allows for durability, flexibility, and scratch resistance
  • High adhesion is attained through water-based ink
  • Smart vacuum
  • Wide versatility in media is enabled by lower temperatures
  • HP Smart Services improves productivity
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Prints are free of smell

More information can be found at hp.com/go/LatexR2000


HP’s Latest Latex Flatbed Printer

Amazing Colors

Glossiest White

Increased Productivity

  • Achieve vibrant color gamut on rigid
  • No more print and mount with the same look on rigid and flexible campaigns
  • Newest HP Latex Overcoat allows for durability, flexibility, and scratch resistance
  • High adhesion is attained through water-based ink
  • High opacity white on both transparent and colored
  • White prints using HP r2000 latex do not yellow over time
  • Removable HP thermal inkjet printheads prevent waste
  • Printheads are stored in a rotating chamber offline
  • Automatic maintenance with recirculation and nozzle checks treats white like other colors
  • High-speed and continuous loading up to 88 sqm/h or 947 sqf/h optimizes and maximizes production
  • Advanced engineering features like smart vacuum, automatic maintenance, and assisted loading contribute to significant productivity increase

 Technical specifications 


Printing modes

  • 220 ft²/hr (20 m²/hr) – Indoor High Quality (12p 120%)
  • 496 ft²/hr (46 m²/hr) – Indoor Production (6p 110%)
  • 948 ft²/hr (88 m²/hr) – Outdoor (3p 70%)
  • 183 ft²/hr (17 m²/hr) – White Overflood (100%)
  • 380 ft²/hr (35 m²/hr) – White Spot (100%)

Ink types

  • HP Latex Inks

Ink cartridges

  • 9 (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, HP Latex Optimizer, HP Latex Overcoat, white)

Cartridge size

  • 5 liter (colors, HP Latex Optimizer, HP Latex Overcoat);
  • 3 liter (white)


  • 8 (cyan/black, magenta/yellow, light cyan/light magenta, HP Latex Overcoat, 2 HP Latex Optimizer, 2 white)

Long-term print-to-print repeatability

  • Average ≤ 1.0 dE2000, 95% of colors ≤ 2 dE20002



  • Flatbed, sheet feed, roll feed, vacuum belt media drive for easy loading and accurate media advance

Media types

  • Rigid substrates: paper foamboard, plastic foamboard, PVC foam, plastic corrugated, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, compressed cardboard, corrugated board, honeycomb board, aluminum composite panel, wood, glass, ceramic; Roll substrates: PVC banner, selfadhesive vinyl, coated paper, polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyester, textile (non porous), canvas

Rigid media size

  • 11.7 x 16.5 in to 98 x 48 in (up to 98 x 120 in with two sets of optional extension tables);(297 x 420 mm to 2489 x 1220 mm (up to 2489 x 3050 mm with two sets of optional extension tables))

Roll size

  • 60.9 cm to 2.49 m; (24 to 98.4 in)

Roll weight

  • 100 kg; (220 lb)

Roll diameter

  • 25 cm ; (9.8 in)


  • Up to 50.8 mm (Up to 2 in)


Exhibition and event graphics; Exterior signage; Interior decoration; POP/ POS; Short-run packaging; Textile; Vehicle graphics



  • Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)

Dimmensions (w x d x h)

  • 5.10 x 2.04 x 1.75 m (printer); 5.10 x 3.64 x 1.75 m (including standard input and output tables) (201 x 80 x 69 in (printer); 201 x 143 x 69 in (including standard input and output tables))


  • 5.32 x 2.24 x 2.15 m (209 x 88 x 85 in)

Operating area:

  • 8.7 x 7.23 x 3 m (28.5 x 23.7 x 9.8 ft)


Printer: 1587 kg (3499 lb);

Shipping: 4000 kg (8818 lb) Shipping: 4000 kg (8818 lb)

What’s in the box

HP Latex R2000 Printer; HP Latex R Series White Upgrade Accessory Kit; HP Latex R2000 Roll Printing Accessory Kit with 98-in spindles (x2) and pneumatic gun and table top roll holders (x2); HP 886 Latex Printheads; HP Latex Printhead Cleaning Kit; standard input and output tables; foot switch; HP Internal Print Server and displays (x2); printer maintenance kit; warranty and intro docs

Environmental ranges

Operating temperature: 15 to 30°C (59 to 86°F) Operating humidity: 20 to 70% RH (non-condensing)

Power consumption

10 to 12 kW (typical)



  • IEC 60950-1+A1+A2 compliant; United States and Canada (CSA listed); EU (LVD and MD compliant, EN60950-1, EN12100-1, EN ISO13849-1, EN60204-1, and EN1010-1); Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (EAC); Australia, New Zealand (RCM)


  • Compliant with Class A requirements, including: USA (FCC rules), Canada (ICES), EU (EMC Directive), Australia (ACMA), New Zealand (RSM)


  • WEEE; RoHS (EU, China, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine); India Waste Management Rules; REACH; CA 65 Prop; ErP Ecodesign Directive


1.5 years Maintenance and Support coverage: Six-month limited hardware warranty; 12 months HP Standard Service, Maintenance and Support. Warranty may vary by country as required by law. Go to hp.com/support to learn about HP service and support options in your region.


Additional information