Mimaki UCJV150-160 Printer


Mimaki UCJV150-160

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 is an inkjet printer from the UCJV300 series offering print and cut functionality for optimal media versatility and cost performance. 

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 is primarily a UV-LED printer cutter, which means fast operation, high productivity levels, and unparalleled energy efficiency. 

With a media width of 1610mm (63.4″) and a maximum print speed of 144 SqFt/Hr, this roll-based printer is suitable for commercial printers, manufacturers, and technologists. 

Integration with contemporary print technologies ensures a scratch resistance print suitable for various applications. 

If you need a printer to create a personalized, promotional, or specialty item, such as vehicle markings, the CJV150-160 is a viable option. The Mimaki UCJV150-160 is also ideal if you offer prints and related products with an ICS performance guarantee. 

Learn more about this UV LED printer cutter below.


The UCJV150-160 UV LED printer cutter uses instant-dry LED-UV inks, contributing to cost savings and the unit’s media versatility and affordability. 

The modern UV ink products from Mimaki generate minimal volatile organic compounds, and they are environmentally-friendly. The ink can also be instantly cured without short wavelength UV irradiation. 

The UV LED inks from Mimaki, including LUS 170, LUS 175, and LUS 200, received the GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions. In sensitive environments, such as hospitals and schools, the ink from Mimaki is the safe alternative. 

The color UV ink offers several high-value features, including:

  • An instant-dry formula
  • Exceptional durability
  • 170% stretch for added flexibility
  • Additional cost savings of 30% on solvent ink
  • A 1-liter bulk system to save time



The Mimaki UCJV150-160 is a UV-LED printer cutter with a maximum media thickness of up to 0.04 inches and a maximum media width of up to 63.77 inches. The media size compatibility and precision cutting capabilities of this wide-format printer are suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. 

The UCJV150-160 is one of two printers in the Mimaki UCJV series and features an on-demand piezo print system with one print head and four color channels. The other printer in the series is the Mimaki UCJV300-160. 

Main Features

Mimaki UCJV150-160 UV LED Inks

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 features UV LED print technologies. When switching the LED lamps on or off, there is no degradation of intensity, lamp warming time, or shutter motion delay. With UV irradiation, the ink is also instantly cured. 

The UV LED ensures that the printed item is dry for instant use, meaning you can print, laminate, and apply the sign within one day. The instant dry functionality and print speed of 144 SqFt/Hr allow for fast order turnaround times and additional cost savings. 

Even though the ink is dry for instant use, the LED’s heat output is minimal, broadening the unit’s scope of printing applications. The low heat generation ensures a stable calibration and enables printing on a heat-sensitive item or substrate, such as stretched PVC. You can also print on self-adhesive sheets, labels, decals, vehicle markings, packaging prototypes, and more.  

The LEDs have a life expectancy of up to 10,000 hours or more, and it is not uncommon for them to last for the printer’s entire functional lifespan. The LEDs’ durability minimizes lamp change downtimes and replacement costs. 

The UCJV150-160 is highly energy-efficient, especially in comparison with printers that use mercury bulb lamps. This model’s UV LED lamps also don’t contain any mercury, making it the environmentally friendly option. 

White ink increases application capabilities on transparent, semi-opaque, or colored films. White ink allows for layered printing functions for various printing jobs, including specialty window graphics that can be viewed differently from either side. 

Mimaki UCJV150-160 UV Cutting Capabilities 

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 is a one-unit cutter and printer. The printer’s integrated cutting function allows for the bulk production of labels, decals, vehicle markings, packaging, prototypes, or any other similar item with one unit. 

Precision cutting functions of the Mimaki include:

  • Continuous cutting – the automatic and continuous detection of crop marks, ensuring precision cutting.
  • Over-cut or corner-cut – the making of cross-cuts at the start and end positions, giving the finished item sharp edges without undercut fragments.
  • Half-cut – with this function, the cutter leaves a small connection point in the backing sheet for easy detachment. The half-cut function enables easy handling of contour cut pieces with minimal waste.  

Some integrated cutting capabilities, such as the half-cut and ID cut function, are proprietary to the UCJV150-160. Another cutter capability of this color UV printer includes registration mark detection to ensure all contour cut pieces have the same profile. 

The contemporary print and cut technologies of the Mimaki UCJV150-160 UV aim to prevent common cutter issues such as film separation. 

Like other roll-based printers from Mimaki, the UCJV150-160 is compatible with the Mimaki blade for cutting fluorescent sheet. The blade has an offset value of 0.5mm, and you can use it to cut fluorescent vinyl. 

Upgraded RIP Software

A UCJV150-160 UV purchase includes the latest Raster Image Processor (RIP) software, Rasterlink6 Plus, for free. The main task of Rasterlink6 Plus to convert the different printing file formats into raster data, which the printer understands. 

Rasterlink6 Plus combines user-friendliness with workflow tools and controls, ensuring optimal image quality. This software’s notable features include PANTONE color libraries for accurate reproduction and spot color control to create and manage custom spot color libraries. 

With the jig and template tools, you can create a customized layout to maximize your printing potential. You can save these layouts as templates to use again in the future. The RIP software also features a color replacement function that you can use to replace colors with custom tones or values. 

ID Cut Function

Every UCJV150-160 purchase includes the proprietary ID cut function from Mimaki, which automates a custom item’s cutting process. With ID cut, the registration mark sensor reads the bar code on the print containing the design’s algorithm pattern. Then, the UV LED printer cutter will complete the cut without the operator’s input. 

With ID cut, the sensor can continuously read the data for single and combined projects, making this function ideal for running a routine print and cut order. For example, if you have a printing order for thousands of prints, the ID cut feature will streamline your process, saving valuable time. 

Even if you have a small-quantity or single-item order, such as packaging prototypes or related products, the ID cut function will ensure that all prints in your order have the exact same cut. 

Core Technologies

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 features several revolutionary printing technologies, improving its versatility and affordability. The core technologies of the UCJV150-160 also broaden the model’s application and improve the quality of the prints it produces. 

Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 

Banding is the harsh and uniform transition from one tone to another. Through an advanced algorithm pattern, the Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) technology reduces visible banding. MAPS4 is particularly useful when printing images with four to eight bits per pixel.


Variable Dot Printing 

Variable dot technology enables the print head to print small, medium, and large dot sizes and create quality images with a high print resolution. The small dots ensure smooth transition between colors, and the image doesn’t have a grainy appearance – even at a high print speed of 144 SqFt/Hr. 

The large dots create uniform solids to optimize image quality. Creating uniform solids reduce unevenness within one color field and improves the appearance of a printed item. 

Waveform Control

Waveform control is a Mimaki technology complementing variable dot printing. It involves the ejection of ink droplets at the correct angle and speed, keeping their circularity intact. The proper placement of ink droplets is as essential as their sizing to ensure maximum print quality. 

The Mimaki UCJV150-16 controls the ink droplets’ shape and placement by fine-tuning the specific gravity and viscosity of each one individually. 

Mimaki Circulation Technology 

The Mimaki circulation technology (MCT) involves the continuous circulation of white ink to ensure a stable ink supply without pigment sedimentation. MCT enables cost-effective and eco-friendly color printing, prevents nozzle blockages, and improves print productivity. The MCT feature from Mimaki also prevents the need for nozzle cleaning, saving you time and money. 

Nozzle Check Unit 

The Mimaki nozzle check unit monitors the nozzles through the emission of light to a receiving sensor. When detecting a blockage, the unit automatically activates the recovery functions. In most cases, a nozzle blockage is due to ink sedimentation. 

Nozzle Recovery System 

When detecting the low ejection of ink, the nozzle check unit carries out recovery functions to remove the blockage. The automatic cleaning function ensures continuous operation, preventing wasted materials and time.


Segment is a cutter feature detecting intermediate crop marks in a print’s feed direction. Then, it enables four-point correction for every segment, ensuring accurate cutting over long lengths. The segment feature works well if you work with distorted printing images. 


Commercial and industrial printers can use the UCJV150-160 for various applications, including an order under an ICS performance guarantee. 

Sign Creation

The Mimaki wide-format printer can produce a sizeable scratch-resistance print using outdoor and low-odor ink. With these capabilities, the printer is ideal for creating large signs and banners, including advertisement boards and billboards. 

Sticker Printer

The UCJV150-160 can print on self-adhesive PVC and is ideal for printing stickers, labels, vehicle markings, and wallpapers in full color. 

UV Printer

As a cold-cure UV LED printer, the UCJV150-160 is suitable for printing directly onto plastic and PVC. Examples of UV-resistant end products you can print with the UCJV150-160 include name badges, luggage tags, photo IDs, book covers, and phone cases. 

Vinyl Product Creation

The vinyl printing ability of the UCJV150-160 allows for the creation of cut decals, canvas, and polyester in the full range of vivid colors. 

Mimaki Print & Cut Printer Comparison

All the models in the Mimaki print and cut series feature the following:

  • On-demand piezo print heads 
  • A maximum media thickness of 1.0 mm
  • A maximum cut speed of 300 mm per second
  • Maximum print width of 1,610 mm 
  • A maximum media width of 1,620 mm

Mimaki UCJV300-160

Print resolutions: 1200 DPI, 900 DPI, 600 DPI, 300 DPI

Print width (maximum): 1,610 mm / 63.4 inches

Ink type and color: LED-UV Inks: LUS-175 (CI, W, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C), LUS-170 (CI, W, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C), LUS-200 (W, K, Y, M, C)

Weight: 188 kg / 414.5 lbs.

Dimensions: 776 mm x 2,900 mm x 1,475 mm / 30.6” x 114.2” x 58.1”

Mimaki UCJV150-160

Print resolutions: 1200 DPI, 900 DPI, 600 DPI, 300 DPI

Print width (maximum): 1,610 mm / 63.4 inches

Ink type and color: LED-UV inks: LUS-175 (CI, W, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C), LUS-170 (CI, W, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C), LUS-200 (W, K, Y, M, C)

Weight: 183 kg / 403.4 lbs.

Dimensions: 776 mm x 2,900 mm x 1,475 mm / 30.6” x 114.2” x 58.1”

Mimaki CJV300-160

Print resolutions: 1,400 DPI, 1,080 DPI, 720 DPI, 540 DPI, 360 DPI

Print width (maximum): 1,610 mm / 63.4 inches

Ink type and color: Eco-solvent inks: SS21 (Si, W, Or, Lk, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C), BS3 (K, Y, M, C), BS4 (K, Y, M, C), ES3 (W, Or, Lk, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C). Sublimation inks: Sb53 (Lm, Lbl, K/Dk, Y, M, Bl), Sb54 (Lm, Lbl, K, Y, M, Bl)

Weight: 178 kg / 392 lbs.

Dimensions: 2,775 mm x 700 mm x 1,392 mm / 109″ x 28” x 55″

Mimaki CJV150-160

Print resolutions: 1,440 DPI, 1,080 DPI, 720 DPI, 540 DPI, 360 DPI

Print width (maximum): 1,610 mm / 63.4 inches

Ink type and color: SS21 (Si, W, Or, Lk, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C), BS3 (K, Y, M, C), BS4 (K, Y, M, C), ES3 (W, Or, Lk, Lm, Lc, K, Y, M, C). Sublimation inks: Sb53 (Lm, Lbl, K/Dk, Y, M, Bl), Sb54 (Lm, Lbl, K, Y, M, Bl)

Weight: 168 kg / 370 lbs.

Dimensions: 2,775mm x 700mm x 1,392mm / 109” x 28” x 55″

UCJV150-160: UV-LED Cut-and-Print Device.

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 UV-LED cut-and-print device offers a range of applications and versatility, and affordability. Print and cut – or cut first then print – labels, decals, vehicle markings, packaging prototypes, etc., all on one unit. Flexible 4-color UV cure inks expand the possibilities for you to offer unique capabilities to keep you competitive.

The Mimaki UCJV150-160: Flexibility Redefined.

  • Wide format, UV-LED cut-and-print device
  • 64-inch, roll-based
  • Economical CMYK printer
  • Integrated cutting capabilities
  • Instant-dry for instant use
  • 1-liter ink bottles


Highlights of the UCJV150-160 Cut-and-Print Device

Versatility in a UV Roll-based Printer

The UCJV150-160 model can produce a wide variety of applications, including labels, decals, vehicle markings, packaging prototypes, etc. UV-LED curing technology enables print service providers to use a wider range of media that may be too sensitive for latex or solvent systems that require heat to fix the ink.

Integrated Cutting Capability

The integrated cut functionality enables volume production of labels, decals, window clings, floor graphics, POP displays, vehicle markings, packaging and prototypes, and more in a single unit. Additionally, the ability to pre-cut before printing prevents common problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting on thin materials.

Instant-dry for Instant Use

UCJV150-160 prints are instantly-cured at even the highest production speeds meaning you can quickly print and immediately move to finished product, unlike other technologies that require slower production to accommodate for dry time or out-gassing. For many jobs, instant-dry, durable, UV printing and cutting can also eliminate the need for additional finishing, so you can reduce time to sale while recognizing additional cost savings.

ID Cut Function in RasterLink6 Plus Software

The UCJV150-160 will ship with updated RasterLink6 plus software that includes an ID Cut function to make printing and cutting easier and faster. Along with registration marks, RasterLink6 plus software will include a bar code on the print. The barcode, read by the crop mark sensor on the UCJV150-160, contains cutting and rotation information allowing the UCJV150-160 to automate the cutting process. This function is particularly useful when running nested print-cut jobs, as the printer continuously reads the data for both single and ganged jobs.



Mimaki Core Technologies

On-board Mimaki Technologies included for exceptional print quality and continued productivity:

  • Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) – utilizes an advanced algorithm pattern to reduce visible banding.
  • Variable Dot Printing (VDP) – uses smaller drops to produce smoother gradations, while larger drops produce uniform solids.
  • Waveform Control (WFC) – utilizes finely tuned frequencies for each ink’s specific gravity and viscosity to precisely shape and place individual drops.
  • Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) – continuously agitates the white inks to prevent settling.
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) – monitors nozzle outages and automatically activates a series of recovery functions.
  • Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) – automatically assigns operational nozzles when an outage is detected.
  • Half Cut (HC) – a proprietary function where the backing sheet can be cut leaving behind a small connecting point that can be easily detached when necessary, ensuring contour cut pieces are easier to handle with less waste.
  • Over Cut (OC) – makes a cross cut at the start and end positions so the finished piece has sharp edges with no undercut fragments.
  • Continuous (C) – crop marks are automatically and continuously detected for accurate cutting.
  • Segment (S) – detects intermediate crop marks in feed direction and enables four-point corrections for each segment for accurate, long-length cutting, even if the image is distorted.

What you can do with the Mimaki UCJV150-160 Cut-and-Print Device


  • Signage
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Packaging prototypes
  • and more…



Technical overview of the Mimaki UCJV150-160 Cut-and-Print Device

Print SystemOn-demand piezo, 1 print head, 4 color channels
Maximum Print Width63.38 inches (1610 mm)
Print Resolutions300, 600, 900, 1200 dpi
Maximum Print SpeedUp to 169 SqFt/Hr (15.7 SqM/Hr)
Ink TypeMimaki LUS-170/LUS-175 UV ink: C, M, Y, K
Ink Capacity1 liter ink bottles
Maximum Media ThicknessUp to 0.04″ (1 mm)
Maximum Media Width63.77 inches (1620 mm)
Maximum Rolled Weight88 lbs. (40 kg)
Operational EnvironmentTemp: 68.86˚ – 86˚ F (20˚ – 30˚ C)
35-65% RH (non-condensing)
ConnectivityEthernet, USB
Power supplyAC100V~240V x2
Dimensions (W x D x H)114.12” x 30.5” x 58.1” (3305 mm x 750 mm x 1180 mm)
Weight404 lbs. (188 kg)

Additional information