HP Stitch S300

List Price: $14,995

Our Price: $6,995.00*

Limited Time Offer*

• Manage color easily with HP SmartColor
• A complete end-to-end solution, from RIP to HP media.
• Print on both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric.
• First 100% front operating dye-sub printer.

Our world is more visual than ever...
Every day, millions of decisions are made because of images.

Studies have repeatedly proven that visuals draw your customer's attention more quickly and communicate more effectively than its verbal and textual counterparts.

Yet, there can be unforeseen consequences with any equipment that can quickly damage your business.
Risks we help you avoid
You won't have to worry about these frustrating consequences with our assistance
Damages to Reputation
If a printer unexpectedly malfunctions, you may be left with no visuals for your event. Or worse, you may have to show up empty handed and on short notice to an important deadline.
Expensive Errors
Printers are calibrated to a certain ICC profile . However, troubles with the printer or monitor could cause misprints. This could potentially mean frustrating amounts of wasted materials and time spent troubleshooting.
Take your business to the next level
Here's exactly how purchasing our products can help you reach your goals
Eliminate Downtime

You'll have access the largest team of technicians in Southern California.

Our goal is to make sure your equipment are always running on schedule.
Highest Quality Prints

You'll only receive printers that have been tested with our in-house spectrophotometer.

We are committed to giving you only quality equipment and supplies.
Build Trust

With our assistance, you'll naturally create strong bonds.

You'll create partnerships with others who care about the quality and efficiency you can now offer them.
Business Growth

Attract your top customers with stunning prints.

Or, land that contract with that business that's always looking for the most reliable supplier.
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