Welcome to NuSign Supply
Since 1999, our products have empowered more than one thousand businesses around the world to share their visions.
Priority Support
from the largest team of in-house technicians in Southern California
Latest Technology
from our exclusive distributing licenses
Guaranteed Quality
certified by our demonstration and test facilities
Guaranteed Deliveries
ensured by multiple warehouses and service centers
Our Principles
Our principles are what we stand for. They are beliefs we hold deeply and make tradeoffs to pursue.
Lead by Example
We believe that change for good must start with us. We are committed to setting the industry example and leading by action.
Serve Everyone
We are determined to be of service to anyone who comes into contact with our organization - from clients and partners to our employees.
Prioritize Relationships
The relationships we have built bring meaning to our work. Everything we do is to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with our customers.
Promote Sustainability
To promote the longevity of all our other principles, sustainability is of paramount importance to us. We are always looking find better solutions to past methods.
Our Leadership
Benny Wantah
Tony Le
Vice President
Anita Hakadinata
VP Finance
Ruben Torres
Sales Manager
Edy Hidayat
Warehouse Manager