HP 821 G0Y92A Latex Optimizer Ink Cartridge L110 Printer (400ml)

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HP Latex Optimizer 

HP Latex Optimizer—OP—is a new component of HP 821 Latex Inks. HP Latex Optimizer consists of positively-charged 

(cationic) polymers suspended in a colorless, water-based ink vehicle.

 OP is applied proportional to local ink coverage by an HP 821 Latex Printhead, and the amount can be adjusted by the user 

for specific materials. The use of OP has a low impact on the cost of the print. On the print, the positively-charged OP 

polymers are attracted to and adsorb onto—“coat”— the negatively-charged pigments. The surface charge of pigments is

neutralized causing them to aggregate and become immobilized on the print surface. This produces sharp text and image detail

by suppressing feathering and color bleed, especially at high productivity levels. 

Previous generations of HP Latex Inks use print zone heating to immobilize the pigments on the print. Evaporating water 

from the ink causes a rapid rise in the viscosity of the liquid ink film, and this keeps pigments in place. HP Latex Optimizer 

accomplishes this effect chemically—by charge neutralization—so that water does not need to be evaporated so rapidly. 

As a result, the print and curing zone dryers in the HP Latex L110 Printer series are more energy efficient and operate at lower 

temperatures than previous generations of HP Latex Printers.