Mutoh ValueJet 1638 | 64" Inkjet Printer

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Mutoh ValueJet 1638

The 2020 Mutoh ValueJet 1638 printer is one of the most exciting tools to boost your productivity in the workplace. Its new staggered dual head technology gives you the printing capacity of two ordinary printers in one convenient system. Whether you need high-quality color prints or high-speed banner production, this product is the ideal printer for all your printer jobs across a range of media.

In this 2020 Mutoh ValueJet 1638 review, our head printing experts discuss everything you need to know about this print technology before you fill your cart with any products. For us, the most important considerations include price, substrates, specifications, and printer ink quality. We’ll also cover every intricate media function this dual head printer has to offer.

Print Technology & Price

The Mutoh ValueJet 1638 is famous for a wide range of unique features to help creators produce various print jobs. The machine's top features include high-speed print head output, versatility in print technology and menu options, stunning results, tight process control, and excellent value:

High-Speed Output

With a staggered dual-head printing configuration, the ValueJet 1638 produces an impressive number of prints and pop displays in a short time. Several professionals use this product for wholesale and commercial printing.

The 2020 Mutoh printer's most impressive capability for us is its high printing speed of 1,012 sqft/h in banner draft mode.

There aren't many products on the market that allow the same process control and productivity as the Mutoh ValueJet 1638 without sacrificing quality. The CMYK menu, 1,012 banner option, and staggered dual-head system are what make this 64"wide printer stand out.


The print head is adjustable and can be set to three different levels. You can print on different paper products and print surfaces, including roll media and rigid substrates.

CYMK Color Measuring

The Mutoh ValueJet 1638 uses stunning CMYK colors to produce such vibrant graphics. The CMYK name is well-known for high-quality ink cartridges that play a significant role in the print's color measuring capabilities.

You can control ink consumption via the IC, which improves productivity and reduces operating costs. There are also variable dots to help with color measuring and sharper, brighter images.

Price of Products

The Mutoh ValueJet 1638 price isn't the lowest on the menu, but it is worth every penny for us. When you consider print speeds, performance, and efficiency, and how the take-up system eliminates horizontal banding, investing in a 64"wide Mutoh 1638 is smart.

It's challenging to find a printer that maintains quality and stability at high-speeds within the same price range as the ValueJet 1638. Anybody looking for a reliable long-term printer that will handle production well won’t be disappointed.

For peace of mind, Mutoh offers a 1-year limited warranty upon purchase of its ValueJet 1638, which covers parts and labor but not environmental damage, consumable parts, or printing supplies.

If you're continually producing color prints, floor graphics, pop displays, backlit display panels, roll media, and posters, you'll want a printer within this price range.


One of the Mutoh ValueJet 1638's most noteworthy features is the high-quality staggered dual head print technology. The staggered dual heads have the potential to release a distinctive array of droplets onto the printing surface, including unique wave pattern printing. The droplet sizes range from 3 to 35 picoliters, which is what allows for high-resolution print production.

The print technology also ensures a unique menu of options for print resolutions and output speed.

The ValueJet 1638 64" wide-format printer has eight ink slots that are fully adjustable and suitable for both CMYK and transparent inks.

The machine is also compatible with Eco-Solvent Ultra and the Mutoh Universal Solvent Ink. The Mutoh Universal Solvent Ink is unique because it can adapt to specific environments and is resistant to UV rays. You can put a few 440 ml cassettes in your cart or choose more economical print jobs with the Mutoh one-liter bottles.

Both ink options are suitable for a range of products, including floor graphics, banners, signage, roll media, and vehicle prints.

All of the Mutoh printers in the ValueJet series use an intelligent interweave technology to lay down the CMYK print. It reduces banding by laying down the ink in a wave pattern.


There isn't a centralized page for Mutoh ValueJet 1638 reviews, but customers typically agree that the ValueJet 1638 is a win for its niche.

Who Should Buy the ValueJet 1638?

For us, the ValueJet 1638 wide-format printer is a remarkable offering. It provides an array of useful features suitable for:
  • Commercial print shops looking for a staggered dual-head printer to increase productivity.
  • Advertising agencies that need to produce high-resolution marketing materials.
  • Auto shops that need a printer to put custom designs and name-brand inks on their customer's vehicles.
  • Anybody who wants a high-speed wide-format printer in a reasonable price range.

Customer Feedback

The online reviews for the Mutoh ValueJet 1638 and the Mutoh ValueJet 1638UH are mostly positive. Some of the most praised aspects of this machine are simplicity, high-speed output, and versatility.

A few customers who've used the Mutoh ValueJet 1638 for a few years claim that it's a complete game-changer for print speeds, inks, performance, production, profits, and overall productivity. Since you can handle so many custom print jobs, the printer is essentially producing wave-pattern profits.

The high print speeds and versatile intelligent interweave technology allows users to open client bases and cater to big businesses. You can wholesale your offering since it's cheaper and faster to produce high-quality products with the Mutoh ValueJet 1638 print head.

Another aspect that users love about the Mutoh is the effortless maintenance, even if you aren't tech-savvy or familiar with a manual name or component. The machine requires minimal print production and design work with the computer and virtually maintains itself.

If you've ever worked with heavy-duty printers, you will know how daunting the cleaning process can be on a dual-head take-up system. The ValueJet 1638 is continually cleaning itself, so you won’t have these challenges.

Overall, the wide-format ValueJet 1638 by Mutoh is a reliable, high-quality printer and is one of the best dual-head printers in this price range. It doesn't require much attention and practically eliminates banding, so it's the perfect printer for those who aren't confident with more complex technology.

System Specifications


Printing Technology: Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Printing Head: 2 staggered dual-head printer setup
Nozzle Arrangement: 180 nozzles x 8 lines
Drop Mass: 3.6 to 35.2 pl
Head Height: 1.5 mm (low), 2.5 mm (middle), 4.0 mm(high)
Maximum Media Width: 1625 mm
Maximum Print Width: 1615 mm
Maximum Media Thickness: 0.3/ 1.3/ 2.8 mm
Printing speed: 1 012 sqft/h in banner draft mode


Options: Eco-Solvent Ultra, Universal Mutoh Solvent
Volume: 220 ml and 440 ml / 440 and 1000 ml
Colors: CMYK
Consumption: 8 ml


Best Quality: (1080 x 1440)10.0 m²/h
Quality: (720 x 1440)15.0 m²/h
Quality Production: (720 x 1080)20.0 m²/h
Production: (720 x 720)29.0 m²/h
Speed Production: (720 x 720)36.0 m²/h
Billboard: (360 x 720)48.0 m²/h


Color prints
Banner production
Backlit display panels
Floor graphics
Pop display

Power Consumption

Active: 650 W
In Stand-by: 45 W
Warming Up: ≤ 1100 W (main) & ≤ 1250 W (heat)
Power Supply: AC 100-120 V / AC 200-240 - 60/50 Hz


Width/Depth/Height: 2698 x 885 x 1261 mm
Weight: 221 kg


Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR
64-inch sublimation
Staggered dual head configuration
DH-21 ink compatible
1012sqft/h print speeds (banner draft mode)
OLED display
Open RIP software
Optional take-up system
One-year on-site warranty

Mutoh ValueJet 1638UR
64-inch workable print head surface
Dual head print configuration for maximum productivity
User-friendly control panel for tight process control
Energy-efficient UV-resistant ink
CMYK & white name and varnish ink options
Open RIP software
One-year on-site warranty

Mutoh ValueJet 1324X
54-inch workable print surface
Compatible with Eco-Solvent ink
Four color print head
565 sq ft/h print speeds (banner draft mode)
Automatic sheet-off function
DropMaster technology
Two-year on-site limited warranty

Manual & Product Applications

The Mutoh ValueJet 1638 manual contains over 300 pages of informative content about your new printer, with all the troubleshooting guidance you need to keep the dual head machine running smoothly. It includes warranty details, installation process, warning labels, features, the name of each part and function, loading information, and print quality adjustments.

Although the Mutoh ValueJet 1638 wide-format printer rarely needs maintenance, it doesn't hurt to have a helpful manual by your side. You can get Mutoh news over email to learn more about your wide-format printer or troubleshoot any issues.

When you use the Mutoh ValueJet 1638, you can access a vast array of print options, including primary applications of:

Pop Displays

With the Mutoh ValueJet 1638, the designs for pop displays are limitless. Point-of-purchase (Pop) displays and cart options are common for in-store advertising. For example, shop owners may place it right next to some merchandise, prompting customers to take advantage of a discount or diversify their cart menu.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics (also known as vehicle wraps) are the baseline for vehicle advertising. Companies use vehicle graphics to display marketing materials on the sides of buses, taxis, company vehicles, and trains. Vehicle graphics are one of the many products you can print with the dual head Mutoh ValueJet 1638.

Backlit Display Panels

Backlit display panels are prevalent, and many companies demand posters that use a backlit LED display rather than paper. With the Mutoh ValueJet 1638 in your cart, you can print high-resolution backlit display panels with eco-solvent ink. These print products are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Floor Graphics

As the name suggests, floor graphics are suitable to be walked over. These print jobs are perfect for commercial buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, and offices.

Like printer signage, floor graphics are fully customizable under an impressive menu of features and effects. With the ValueJet printer, you can also print on smooth or rigid substrates.


Banners come in many shapes and sizes, but most commonly appear as flags or cloth. The primary function on the menu is to display a company's logo with a tagline or slogan. Producing banners with the ValueJet 1638 printer is incredibly easy, though. The staggered dual-head configuration means you increase banner production without overworking the machine, and the work is done fast.


Posters are an excellent form of in-store advertising, interior decoration, and more. With modern print technology, high-resolution printer options produce stunning posters with ease. The 64-inch wide-format ValueJet 1638 gives you full control over your poster printing output and a similar formatting menu.

Indoor Signage

There is indoor signage everywhere, outside bathrooms, in front of offices, and all over airports. Indoor signs are usually there to direct customers or provide information about your company's features or products. The ValueJet 1638 printer allows you to print various designs on a wide range of substrates for this purpose.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage consists of any sign outside your business that displays information about your products or services. Outdoor signage examples include bus benches, mini billboards, and signs containing company information outside office buildings.

With this product on the menu, you can print high-quality signage on several substrates that remain resistant to UV damage for up to three years.

Tradeshow Graphics

Trade show graphics are significant at company events, providing a chance to display both services and personality. Many companies want high-resolution graphics that are lost in a newsletter or email, and that's precisely what you can print using your ValueJet 1638 wide-format printer.

The intelligent interweave technology also minimizes banding and makes your prints stand out.


With the ValueJet 1638 manual, you have all the details you need to make sure your printer functions appropriately. Be sure to take advantage of the one-year on-site warranty.


The ValueJet 1638 by Mutoh is one of the most advanced printers available. It's challenging to find another high-speed printer that can compete.

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