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Summa F Series F1612

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Summa Flatbed Cutter & Plotter

Model: F1612

Cutting Area: 
63 in. (160 cm) wide x 47 in. (120 cm) long; up to 164 ft. (50 m) long in multi panel
Media Width:
Up to 65 in. (165 cm)
Multi Panel: 
1968 in. (5000 cm) *Media clamps and roll-feed and/or conveyor belt system are required
Within ± 0.05 mm on plots
 0.05 % of move or 0.05 mm, whichever is greater
 Up to 39 in./sec (1000 mm/sec)
Up to 1 G
1.9 in. (5 cm) *Distance between vacuum table and Y-beam. Not taking into account the thickness of a cutting matt or conveyor belt
Maximum Allowed Forces: 
Vertical: 200 Newton, Horizontal: 200 Newton
Maximum Table Load: 
10 lb/ft2 (50 kg/m²)
Power Requirements: 
3 Phase 208V+N or 3 Phase 230V or 3 Phase 400V+N
92 x 84 x 43 in. (236 x 214 x 110 cm)
1100 lbs (500 kg)
Operating Temperature: 
59˚ to 95˚F (15˚ to 35˚C)
Standard Accessories: 
Drag Module, Conveyor System, Roll-Feed System, Safety Beam System, Pneumatic Pack, wireless controller w/ charger, standard 36˚ blade holder, 1 standard blade, 1 fiber-tip pen, hex screwdriver (4mm), hex screwdriver (2.5mm), USB cable (3 meter), USB extension cable (0.5 meter), media guide flanges (set of 2), CD w/ manuals and drivers, SummaFlex Pro.
Optional Accessories: 

Tangential Module, F Series Routing System, HF Routing System, Electronic Oscillating Tool, Pneumatic Oscillating Tool, Kiss Cutting Tool, Single Edge Cutout Tool, Double Edge Cutout Tool, Heavy Duty Cutout Tool, Creasing Tools, V-Cut Tools, production software; Automated Depth Control left (Upgrade Kit), basket (F1612), extension tables (F1612).



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