Summa Plotter Cutters

Produce innovative signage, displays, and packaging materials with Summa's best-selling cutter plotters distributed by NuSign Supply. We offer them in various models including the Summa F1612, F1831, and F2630 versions. Combining world-class craftsmanship with precision and affordability, Summa continues to be the top choice for cutter plotters all over the world.

  • Faster workflow– Summa is known for its highly intuitive and user-friendly control panels that allow users to modify pressure, speed, plot mode, perform test cuts, and much more. In doing so, users can speed up production without compromising quality.
  • Superior results– Summa equipment are carefully engineered to offer more accurate contour cuts over a far greater length of material than their competitors.
  • Diverse applications – Multiple material-handling options assure maximum efficiency, whether cutting flexible, printed, or rigid materials.  

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