At NuSign Supply, we sell and supply various digital printers that help businesses create the best finished products. If you are looking for a printer that can help you minimize printing errors, achieve fast turnarounds, and reduce production costs, we recommend getting a latex printer.

If you have never heard of a latex printer, this article will help you understand what a latex printer is. It also explains what a latex printer can do for you and why buying one is a great investment choice for medium to large scale printing companies.

What Is a Latex Printer?

Latex printers use latex inks to print designs. Latex ink is a water-based solution that uses latex technology as a carrier for the color pigment. Because the primary ingredient is water, latex inks have minimal impact on the environment.

Even though it uses water-based inks, colors printed by a latex printer are solid, consistent, and long-lasting. Compared to solvent-based printers, latex printers have far more applications, such as printing designs on papers, vinyl, and other materials.

The Difference Between Latex and Solvent Inks

Latex and solvent printers both deliver impressive products, but latex printers have certain advantages, such as:

Solvent printers use eco-solvent inks, which contain hazardous materials that harm the environment and people. Solvent ink-related health hazards include reproductive damage, toxicity to the nervous system, liver and kidney damage, and respiratory impairment.

Eco-solvent inks also have a strong smell, which can make the workplace less conducive. If using eco-solvent inks, installing ventilation equipment is necessary to eliminate the dangerous fumes generated during printing.

Over the years, various individuals have claimed that latex inks contain solvents. Some companies may produce latex inks that contain solvents, but HP does not. HP Latex inks are state-of-the-art formulations that keep the printhead wet and use surfactants that make ink stick better to uncoated surfaces. The formulation also contains an anti-scratch agent, which prevents peeling or fading after the ink dries.

HP Latex inks contain all of these components in non-hazardous quantities. Proof of this is evident in the compliance certifications that HP Latex inks have received from various regulatory bodies. For instance, after undergoing testing for Hazardous Air Pollutants under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act, HP Latex inks received a pollutant-free certification.

What Materials are Compatible with HP Latex Printers?

Latex printers are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for printing various designs on paper and other types of materials. The equipment’s versatility makes it the preferred all-in-one printer for most printing businesses. Below are some materials that you won’t have trouble latex printing on:

Other compatible printing materials are opaque vinyl with adhesive, perforated see-thru vinyl, vinyl banners, clothing fabrics, and repositionable photo text material.

Latex Printing Options

Latex printers can create large format prints, which makes the equipment ideal for wide-format projects. If you frequently have to produce the following types of wide-format print in commercial quantity, consider investing in a latex printer:

Why We Recommend Latex Printers

At NuSign Supply, we prefer latex printers for graphics printing for the following reasons:


Latex printers are the future. Several governments are considering legislation to outlaw solvent printers because of the environmental impact of eco-solvent inks. Investing in a latex printer equips your business to create prints for years without worrying about breaching safety or environmental laws.

Safe Product

Since latex ink does not penetrate beyond the printing surface, printing materials remain recyclable after use. Another eco-friendly feature of latex printers is the ink does not release hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to people and the environment. Just as bad, VOCs create odors and leaves an unattractive smell on finished prints.

Since latex ink is harmless and odorless, you can print and display finished products anywhere, including sensitive locations such as healthcare or dining facilities.

High Image Quality

The print quality of latex printing far exceeds what most other printers can achieve because latex printers, such as the HP Latex 700W and 800W, offer photo-realistic colors. The printers also have automatic maintenance and calibration features that ensure consistent quality in every print.

You can use latex ink on a wide range of coated and uncoated materials and get amazing results, including films, textiles, canvas, and wallpapers.

Less Maintenance Required

Latex printers require less maintenance than solvent printers. Requiring fewer tune-ups means less production downtime and higher profits due to lower maintenance costs. The printer is also more durable because it has automated cleaning features, and getting replacement parts is generally less expensive.

High-Speed Printing

Latex printers can deliver several prints in less time than other printer types. Printed materials are ready for laminating or delivery almost immediately because latex ink takes very little time to dry. The quick-drying comes from the printer’s inbuilt heaters, which dry the ink after application to surfaces.

The faster you can finish printing projects, the faster your business can fulfill orders and generate revenue. Also, fast production enables you to handle bulk orders with ease. Large orders lead to improved economies of scale, which minimizes the cost of production.

Durable Prints

Latex printing is so durable it can last for up to three years without lamination. If you don’t need to laminate your prints, you can reduce production costs and complete jobs faster.

Latex prints are long-lasting whether the printed material is outside or indoors. That’s because latex ink is resistant to light fading and scratching. It is also resistant to water and chemical exposure to a certain degree. If you would like a latex print to last for more than three years, laminate it.

The Best Latex Printers

HP Latex 700W

The HP Latex 700W is one of the latest and best latex printers on the market. It delivers excellent image quality on various media, making it ideal for expanding your printing business.

The printer can generate several prints within minutes and has several features for handling large projects. For instance, you can store up to a hundred jobs on the printer and set it to reprint. You don’t have to worry about consistency because the printer automatically recalibrates itself to ensure that every print is of the same quality.

The HP Latex 700W also features smart technology, which lets you control the printer remotely from your phone. Master using the printer to create the best prints by taking advantage of the HP Learn training that come with the equipment.

HP Latex 800W

The HP Latex 800W takes all of the features that make the 700W an excellent printer and improves them. It is the pinnacle of fast and precision printing with vibrant colors and striking contrast. The printer’s impressive speed comes from its updated printheads with more nozzles, which transfer images to large materials in less time.

Increase your printing business’ productivity by up to 50% by upgrading from previous HP models to the 800W. The printer’s upgraded HP PrintOS facilitates monitoring and controlling all connected printers within your workplace.

The HP Latex 800W might be more expensive, but buying one is worth the increased capacity and productivity it adds to your business.

HP L115 Print and Cut

The HP L115 is an older model latex printer but a great choice if you cannot afford the Latex 700W or 800W. It offers quick and affordable latex printing and comes with various features that simplify handling large projects. Its straightforward controls also help with achieving the highest possible standard on every print.

On the downside, the materials you can print on with the HP L115 are not as varied as what is possible with the Latex 700W or 800W. Some of the materials compatible with this printer are paper, wall coverings, and self-adhesive vinyl.

HP L315 Print and Cut

The HP L335 is an affordable latex printing solution for creating indoor and outdoor signage. You can print on materials that are up to 64 inches wide, and the system can handle larger and heavier media rolls. The printer works fast and has several features for automating prints. The output is equally impressive, with sharp image quality on various types of media.

What to Consider When Buying a Latex Printer

Before buying a latex printer, you have to identify your needs so you can find a model that will help you achieve your goals. Consider the following:


You don’t have to buy the most expensive printer, but buying the cheapest available option might leave you with inadequate equipment. Get the best deal by choosing a printer that’s within your budget and has all the features needed to fulfill your business’ short- and long-term goals.

Required Floor Space

You don’t want a latex printer that cannot fit into your workspace or leaves little floor space for anything else. Before buying a printer, check its dimensions to verify whether it will be a good fit for your commercial premises.

Ease of Maintenance

Keep production downtime to a minimum by choosing a printer that is easy to maintain and requires little maintenance. The HP Latex 800W and 700W printers have automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning. These features reduce how often you need to perform manual purging and lower your maintenance costs.


Make sure you buy a printer with a warranty that protects your interests. Otherwise, if your newly purchased printer starts malfunctioning, you will have to pay for its repairs out-of-pocket. It also helps if the manufacturer offers excellent customer service, so you have easy access to help if you run into problems.

Print Speed

Choose a printer that can help you complete jobs on schedule. The faster a printer can print, the faster you can satisfy the orders of clients. Also, being able to complete more projects in less time equals quicker returns on investment.

Compatible Materials

Does your printing company print mostly on paper, or do you work with a wide variety of materials? Before buying a printer, verify that it prints on the materials that you work with the most.


Owning a state-of-the-art printer that’s difficult to operate can be frustrating. Buy a printer with easy to understand controls and features that allow you to complete projects with minimal hassle. Options like the Latex 700W and 800W have smart controls that let you store settings and monitor and manage printing tasks remotely.

Do You Need Help Picking the Best Latex Printer?

The latex printers we have in stock at NuSign Supply are some of the most efficient models from top brands. We have options for various budgets, and our experts can provide all the information you need to pick the best latex printer for your commercial needs or other purposes. Get in touch with us today via phone or email to discuss your options.

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